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What is a Digital Wallet?
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A digital wallet is an electronic device that enables the user to make e-commerce transactions. However, with the advent of the mobile phone, and the sheer determination of smartphone companies such as Apple, they have become even more personalised. For example, the latest Apple mobile phones with the e-wallet feature come bundled with security features such as fingerprint recognition for login verification and a detailed profile. In consequence, a user can even verify his age at a bar using his or her digital wallet.

The development

Although the digital wallet concept has been in existence...

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Wifi Aware - Engage with local, social and local activities
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New Wi-Fi Aware technology allows a mobile device to scan the local environment for Wi-Fi connections, information and applications in real time. It is a background process that notifies you whenever something of interest is within a connectable distance.

Does it drain the battery?

On the contrary, it saves power by using power efficient technology, which saves the battery for when it is needed. You can engage with local, social and local activities and save battery power because your device shows what is nearby before connecting.

What do people use it for?

Local services are often used on...

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iPad Pro - what can be expected
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Ever since Apple introduced the first iPad into the market, tech enthusiasts around the world have strived to get their hands on the first batch of each release. And with the iPad Pro, the story is no different with rumours of the device first surfacing in 2013, heating up in 2014 till June, then somewhat slowing down after speculations that the tech giant had shelved the project. However, in August of the same year, there were renewed hopes that the new iPad would be launched in October to boost iPad sales, but this was not to be as the company harnessed its resources push sales of the new...

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What Is In Samsung's New S6 Phone?
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What Is In Samsung's New S6 Phone?
Launched to coincide with the new financial year, Samsung's much vaunted latest version of the popular Galaxy will retail for a little shy of 600. The new Galaxy S6 will be accompanied by an even more pricey S6 Edge version, but both smart phones are predicted to be among the most welcomed gadgets of 2015 despite the cost. Both models boast impressive features and processing power. They are specified with 64 bit, octa-core Exynos 7420 processors. The S6 will have a 5.1 inch display and, perhaps most impressive of all, there will be a 16 mega pixel,...

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iPhone 7- What The Rumors Tell Us
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Iphone 7 - What The Rumors Tell Us
Although many people are still working hard to get their hands on the iPhone 6, and the 6+, there are also those who are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 7. No solid facts have been released as of yet, but there are plenty of rumors that are circulating the internet which have got plenty of people very excited indeed. The rumored release date is set for September 2015. This release date is based on the pattern of launch dates for previous models, although nothing has been set in stone. Here are a few of the key rumors that we think will definitely...

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