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Which Social Media Platform Is Best In Business Promotion?
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Social Media is now more important than ever and the power social media platforms have in regards to advertising and marketing is strong. The biggest advantage social media advertising has over other forms of promotion is the ability for businesses to target their exact audience with a few simple steps. Knowing how to utilise different social media platforms can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to online advertising. 


A Breakdown Of The Best Platforms


Facebook is a good platform for interaction between consumers and businesses. Their...

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Latest data techniques analyse voting
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The use of big data technology and web robots (or bots) within social media is becoming increasingly common. Here, we look at how these powerful tools that were used together during the 2017 general election campaign in UK to analyse and influence voters.

Social background

Only a decade or two ago, election and referendum predictions employed face-to-face and telephone polls in which respondents' preference for a certain television channel or newspaper was used to guess social status and level of education. These days, predictions from numerous sources are progressively...

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YouTube and Facebook Top as the Most used Social Media Platforms
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As much as social media has made strides in penetrating and infiltrating the market, there is still a fraction of people who have expressed their reluctance to engage. Most of the countries that have been caught up in this quagmire include Germany that has for a long time had underlying issues when it comes to trusting their data. Nevertheless, the millennial generation has been slowly changing the situation with their rather interesting affinity for social media.

A closer look at the usage patterns based on multiple data sources reveals that:



According to statistics,...

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New German Law Opposes Internet Hate Speech
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A new German law backed by Chancellor Angela Merkel is designed to resist efforts to spread hate speech on the Internet. Social media sites which do not take down fake news posts online could be fined as much as €50m. Members of the German cabinet have supported the motion.

Deterrent To Slander 

The law against hate speech on the Internet is in opposition to recent actions taken by groups which use speech designed to stimulate hate online. These include but are not limited to behaviours such as: 

  • Influencing hostile behaviours by relying on stereotypes regarding...

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