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Protecting Your Smartphone From Meltdown & Spectre
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While Intel has been dominating headlines after a kernel bug affected most of its processors putting users of Windows and Mac at risk, the major security flaws referred to as Meltdown and Spectre can also affect ARM processors which power iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones. Here is what you need to know about the flaws:


What are Meltdown and Spectre?

These are security flaws that were recently discovered by Google security researchers in collaboration with others. Google notes that even if Android phones are vulnerable, exploitation has been...

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Practical Advice
5 Tips to prolong the battery life of your laptop
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Knowing how to prolong the battery life of your laptop can be a lifesaver, especially when working on those critical projects. Here are some handy tips you can use:


1. Learn the built-in options available

Most of the laptops come with built-in power saving options you can tweak to prolong battery life. In the power options, you can tweak some of the defaults to ensure your laptop only uses the power it needs. Some laptops also come with battery maintenance tools which you can use to tweak how your laptop uses power.


2. Disable ports and unused devices

It is recommended to...

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European brands should harness mobile platforms more readily
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More and more consumers are using their mobiles to communicate, work, play, and simply live. At the same time, desktop usage has steadily decreased for many purposes, such as sending and reading emails, catching up on social media, and particularly getting directions. This is not indicated by just one study, but many: Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) Analytics states that desktop usage is decreasing throughout most of Europe, while Google has stated that more searches are now made on mobiles than desktops in ten countries, including several in Europe.

Consumption on one website is...

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Why business apps are the thing
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Business owners have taken their advertising and marketing strategies to another level by considering apps for their business. Now even small business have apps for their customers.

These apps help the company keep constant communication and connection with their customers. A customer will feel more confident in your business if they can easily reach you. The fact that they can access your services and get notifications on their phone is very efficient. A customer can see the prices of your products, their accounts if there are any and get all the news as they come in.



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Inside Story
Italian Court Accepts Mobile Phone Causality in Brain Tumour
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When mobile phones first came out, there were conspiracy theories linking the use of mobile phones to cancer of users. After all, these unscientific theories posited, mobile phones use microwaves – microwaves disrupt the function of cells and since cancer basically is a disruption of the cells, mobile phones would cause cancer. This poor science was quickly dismissed by the general populace, with some reservations as to the safety of older mobiles and the length of time spent on the devices.

Current Findings

These reservations may now be justified: an Italian court has...

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Product Information
A quick review of Oppo R9S
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Oppo has always been known for building good quality smartphones. The latest R9S model is an ultra- thin and 6-string antenna design that has just been released on the market. Although this design isn’t exactly original, it is, nevertheless, packed with many features. Here is an honest review of the Oppo R9S smartphone.

Oppo phones mainly focus on battery life and camera performance just like iPhone. But unlike the buttons, you will actually see a solid-built fingerprint sensor that supports Dual Pixel automatic focus lens. This phone’s 16MP camera is ideal for taking...

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Inside Story
The Galaxy Series Evolution: Galaxy S8 Features
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Samsung has had quite an eventful year in 2016, with Galaxy S7 outselling iPhone 6S, as well as the not so lucky Galaxy Note 7. Efforts are now focused on the flagship of the anticipated Galaxy S8, which is scheduled for release early 2017. Anyone would be curious to know what the new model will be like, with Samsung’s Vice President claiming that the smartphone, “will feature a slick design and an improved camera, as well as an enhanced artificial intelligence service.” Here’s a sneak peak of some of the features rumoured to be on the smartphone.

1.USB-C –...

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Product Information
New Foldaway Screen revealed by Samsung's Patent Application
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Time and technology waits for no man, or indeed technology manufacturer. New concepts, features and improvements are constantly needed to drive consumers' need for new gadgets. Manufacturers such as Samsung are beavering away in the background, coming up with new ways to realise inventive concepts. One of these has recently come to light - with the details of a patent for a foldable phone submitted by Samsung.

The patent was actually filed over a year ago but details have only come to public attention more recently. Apple also had a similar patent for 'flexible display devices'...

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Product Information
Blackberry launches DTEK50 and DTEK60
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While at an in event in New Delhi, BlackBerry introduced two of its latest smartphones that are Android-based. The two phones included the DTEK60 and the DTEK50 that were estimated to cost Rs. 46,990 and Rs. 21,990 respectively. The DTEK60 is expected to be available in the market as from December, while we can recall that DTEK50 was launched in July, and shipping to specific areas started in August.

Both DTEK60 and DTEK50 run a 6.0.1 Android Marshmallow with a BlackBerry skin at top. The customisation that came along with the BlackBerry Enterprise services, DTEK BlackBerry app makes the...

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Product Information
The Emergence of Curved Screen Displays.
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Right from the onset, one notices that the LG G Flex is unlike any other mobile phones that have come before it. Made with a 6 inch slightly curved display, the LG G Flex has a striking ambitious profile. It’s the opinion of a number of people that the curved construction is a pointless gimmick; nonetheless this is a welcomed resurgence in mobile phone design, unique and useful. The phone’s curved design is not a party trick as many may be quick to dismiss. The phone has a more comfortable feel because of it; it improves the user’s media quality of experience while making...

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