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Why business apps are the thing
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Business owners have taken their advertising and marketing strategies to another level by considering apps for their business. Now even small business have apps for their customers.

These apps help the company keep constant communication and connection with their customers. A customer will feel more confident in your business if they can easily reach you. The fact that they can access your services and get notifications on their phone is very efficient. A customer can see the prices of your products, their accounts if there are any and get all the news as they come in.



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4 Tips for a Successful B2B Mobile Marketing
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It's no secret that many B2C companies have profited from mobile marketing. It is virtually impossible to find someone who is yet to use the Amazon app for shopping or Yelp for checking restaurant reviews. As a matter of fact, Google reports that more than 50 percent of all the searches done worldwide are carried out via mobile phones.


Does mobile marketing affect B2B companies?

Besides affecting the B2C businesses, mobile marketing also happens to have a big effect on the B2B businesses as well. A survey done by Regalix on the state of B2B Mobile Marketing 2015 reveals that B2B...

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Android overtakes IOS in Ads market
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Google have finally done it.

Their operating system has beaten Apple in the ads market. The Google Android now commands more traffic and more revenue than the Apple iOS, but wasn't this inevitable?

Here Are the Current Stats Android traffic = 65.17% Android revenue = 44.77% iOS traffic = 23.34% iOS revenue = 45.44% As you can see, the ratio for revenue to traffic numbers is far better with the Apple iOS, but then they have had more time to optimize their conversion method.

Though, to counter that argument, it could be said that a company that runs the largest and most popular search...

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