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How do people acquire adware and how can one do away with them?
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Adware is any software that displays unwanted ads and collects the user’s private information illegally. They can be acquired by downloading free software or visiting unsafe websites. These commonly influence computers to slow down, show unwanted ads, or at times cause a computer crash. 


How do people get adware? 

Often, it’s assumed that adware is mainly gotten from pornographic sites only. However, they are everywhere. At times, there may be websites whose owners may be unaware of the criminal activities. But commonly, adware is found on free downloaded...

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Mobile Malware Threats Are Becoming Increasingly Sophisticated
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Despite various efforts to secure the mobile platform, the user has been and remains the main Achilles heel. This is because it is very likely that some customers will do some risky things with their mobile devices, be it through deliberate intent or ignorance. 


Exploiting vulnerabilities 

The so-called jail breaking or rooting of mobile devices, for example, is widespread. It enables the user to receive administrator rights on his device. For example, software may be installed from unauthorized sources, but this also increases the risks of picking up malicious code. 

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Christmas-time is shopping-time
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Christmas is the time for searching the right gifts for friends and family. If it is the Christmas market or just shopping in malls, you know to be careful there, because criminals are looking for your money and cards in this troublesome times.

But shopping for Christmas gifts could be dangerous in the world wide web too, because cybercriminals using this time for their business too. Security expert Trendmicro has published a guide with some tips to keep in mind, to be save while shopping for gifts. The link for the download could be found at the end of this article.

There is no different if...

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