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What You Need to Know About WPA3
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The Wi-Fi Alliance recently introduced the WPA3, which is the next big significant security improvement in about 14 years. These significant security additions to the current security protocol will provide greater protection for passwords, individualised encryption for open and personal networks. They will also provide more secure encryption for business networks. 

The original WPA Wi-Fi standard was established back in the year 2003 to replace the WEP. The WEP was the second edition that came the year after. The current and third edition of WPA is a welcomed and long-awaited...

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How Hackers are using Printers to Gain Access to Sensitive Data
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Corporations invest so much in securing the company’s data from intruders. However, they may be ignoring one thing that could be used by hackers to easily gain access to the company’s sensitive data. The IT department may use the best antivirus software to keep all the computers in the company’s network safe, but if they do not secure their printers too, they may be putting the entire company’s confidential data at risk. 


How Unsecured Printers are breaching a Corporation’s confidential data 

Today, most print devices are connected to the...

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The Adverse Effects Of Rowhammer On Smartphones
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Rowhammer is a hacking procedure that manipulates the user information in electronic devices. It was first realized by researchers four years ago when they began ascertaining the working mechanism of this harmful software. It alters the security system in the computer by influencing the electric charge in the storage system to steal and corrupt the information stored in the device. Efforts to fix this issue, however, bear no fruits since the exploitation happens on the hardware of the device and not the software.


The Working Mechanism of the Rowhammer

Recently, the researchers...

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Snapchat Data Leak: Exposing User-Based Theft and Threats
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A news report has recently emerged which claims that the personal details of no less than 1.7 million Snapchat users was leaked into the so-called "dark web". It is rumoured that these actions were taken by a group of disgruntled employees who had become offended over a document which quoted CEO Evan Spiegel as claiming India to be a "poor country". Since this information first went public, ratings have taken massive hits across iOS and Android operating devices. Trending tweets including "#BoycottSnapchat" have arisen and while Snapchat has labelled the...

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