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Why You May Be Using an Android Smartphone that Lacks Security Patches
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Research from different research laboratories indicates the existence of a patch gap regarding various Android vendor devices. Google admits that it's difficult for it to deploy security patches for Android mobile phones due to numerous smartphone manufacturers that use the operating system. Although its open source approach offers many advantages, it doesn't mean that it's the responsibility of the different manufacturers to issue software updates for the OS.

The truth is that most of these manufacturers aren't honest when they say that they have patched all phone...

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Protecting Your Smartphone From Meltdown & Spectre
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While Intel has been dominating headlines after a kernel bug affected most of its processors putting users of Windows and Mac at risk, the major security flaws referred to as Meltdown and Spectre can also affect ARM processors which power iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones. Here is what you need to know about the flaws:


What are Meltdown and Spectre?

These are security flaws that were recently discovered by Google security researchers in collaboration with others. Google notes that even if Android phones are vulnerable, exploitation has been...

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Product Information
Google splits Hangouts into two separate apps
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Google hangout, which is almost four years, has been split into two separate apps. The two apps are Hangouts meet, which is a video conferencing app and Hangouts chat, which is a messaging app. These two separate apps are in line to serve as the equivalents of Google’s Allo and Duo apps. However, Meet is widely available while Hangouts chat is still at the beta testing stage. 

Google is known for following a messy path when it comes to messaging. It currently has nine messaging apps, namely Messenger, Google Chat, Allo, Duo, Hangouts Meet, Hangout Chat, Spaces group-sharing app,...

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Inside Story
Google Pixel Phones Increase Market Share
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Google Pixel smartphones continue to increase their market share worldwide. The phones, which are the first to offer consumers the Google Assistant built in, now capture 10 percent of the market for premium smartphones in India. 

The feature's on Google's groundbreaking device could make it a strong competitor for Apple. Apple's iPhones lead the premium market with 66% of consumers choosing it for its numerous apps, sleek design and other benefits. Pixel is designed by Google and manufactured by HTC. It looks like an iPhone and that has worked to Google's advantage,...

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The Best 10 Smartphone to Checkout in 2017
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The rate at which Smartphone versions are evolving has doubled than ever recorded and smart features than the predecessor versions recorded high sales but for Samsung S7 bomb battery. The year is ending and new rumors have already hit the street ears. 2017 is going to bring science and fiction to reality. Everything has been upgraded to suite all your needs.

We have ended 2016 with Google's Android 7.1.1 Nougat as the best Smartphone OS. These are the rumored top 10 awaited smartphones in 2017. None of them has been launched yet, but rumors are real.

Samsung Galaxy 8 (Edge)

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All You Need to Know About Android 7.0 Nougat
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Nougat is the latest update of Google's popular mobile operating system, continuing the sweet and sticky naming theme of previous updates, Marshmallow and Lollipop. Nougat has already been released to Google's Pixel, Pixel XL and Nexus devices, apart from Nexus 5. Other phone manufacturers, such as HTC, Samsung and HTC are still in the process of updating their own editions of the software. There aren't many massively obvious design changes but there are some, including: 

  • An enhancement of Marshmallow's 'Doze Mode', the energy-saving technology that...

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Product Information
Google Set to Launch Google Daydream View
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Google joked about its Daydream Virtual Reality goals earlier this year in one of its I/O meeting, however, everything is now unraveling every minute – we have set eyes on the virtual reality software and hardware and more is expected from Google.

The enviable search engine came on October 5, 2016 announced the Daydream View headset while in a press conference held in San Francisco. The Daydream View depends on your phone to drive the virtual reality experience, therefore, with any phone that can run the Daydream app, you will need to have the headset. Pixel XL and Pixel are among the...

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HoloLens: What You Need to Know About the Top End of AR
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The AR field, after something of a shaky start, is starting to fill up nicely. Google Glass 2.0 is on the horizon, Meta Glasses are moving on to their second iteration and Microsoft HoloLens is stepping up the plate to offer a high end, consumer focused device that should be equally at home with work as it is with play.


What It Offers

Microsoft surprised the tech community with it's first demonstration of the HoloLens at a Windows 10 event back at the start of 2015. Their holographic outting into the world of AR was demonstrated to have multiple functions, ranging from design...

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Augmented Reality strikes back: Google Glass 2.0
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It's fair to say that the original Google Glass project was something of a damp squib. After an initially successful backing by a large chunk of the tech-minded populace, Google saw less than impressive sales and dumped the project largely unfinished. As with all true innovations though it refused to die a death and the project was passed on to Tony Fandell, the man who helped innovate the iPod and iPhone.

The News So Far

After the misfire on their first attempt at AR Headsets, Google renamed their wearable division to Project Aura and put the ever capable Tony Fandell in charge. From...

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The Android Update Conundrum
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The so-called 'N' update, Google's latest Android software release, could take a while to arrive with users if past performance is the guide. Smartphone makers and wireless carriers are largely to blame for the delay, risking user security and depriving them of the latest technologies. 

Because Androids are flexible, custom apps ('bloatware') can be created but manufacturers and carriers have a duty to preserve essential features such as calls, security and data, so have to use intensive testing to ensure these work. This means that operating system updates are...

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