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Eliminate Bandwidth and Latency Problems
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The need to process data faster is the main reason why edge computing is becoming popular by the day. Cloud computing is now viewed to have a slow latency compared to edge computing, and that is why it is popular. Its low latency in processing information is the reason why important data is handled at the edge of the network. 


Benefits of Edge Computing 

With so many people aware of the internet today, a large percentage of people have based their daily activities on the internet – enterprises even more so. But to fulfill all tasks in a timely manner, internet...

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Multi-cloud as a gateway to digital transformation
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As technology drives change in business at a very fast rate, the demands of end users keep on rising. Organizations are thus faced with challenges in adapting to these digital demands while operating in real time to safeguard their data at minimal operational costs. Cloud innovation is thus a critical digital transformation agent for enterprises that want to run better and grow faster. Setting up this model has its risks and crucial choices have to be adhered to lest all its benefits are wiped out. 


Developing the multi cloud architecture

Putting a robust IT infrastructure in...

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Moving Towards a Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management in 3 Steps
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You are probably thinking about the fastest, low-cost and most efficient way of ensuring that your organisation migrates to a multi-platform enterprise mobility management status without compromising on your security and performance. Let's take a look at the three simple steps that will guide you through the journey:


1. Prepare for the launch

You will need to prepare for the journey ahead of you. Critically evaluate the level of security, application management and device management that your organisation will need. You should consider about adopting the policy of ...

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Google Launches New Plans With the Open Stack Hybrid
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OpenStack, a Google’s cloud computing platform has released yet another universal update of its code, which is a vital aspect that has deepened the relationship between the platform and Google’s public cloud. Google confirmed that the release of OpenStack will serve as a backup option for OpenStack Cinder in the public cloud. While this is not large software, it serves a significant role that will make the platform better. 

Save everything easily

The Google’s OpenStack block backup layer works with drivers to communicate to various storage providers. The system also...

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Google Apps or Microsoft Office? Survey argues which cloud office is best for your business
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If you’ve ever talked to an acquaintance about what technology they use at their place of work, then this might be the article for you: a survey from BetterCloud has found the benefits of Google Apps and Microsoft Office for organisations of all sizes.

( Source: www.cloudcomputing-news.net )
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Open Source Insider
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Stormy Peters heads Cloud Foundry developer relations, Peters is a prominent Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) advocate, she co-founded the GNOME Foundation.

( Source: www.computerweekly.com )
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Data exchange on mobile terminals without the Cloud?
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BYOD brings mobility and flexibility into your company. Employees have mobile access to data from everywhere and are able to process them correspondingly. But, how to access these data? Either via VPN, which tremendously limits mobility through up- and download latency times, or one uses Cloud services.

For IT-departments, this means both dealing with the security risks BYOD brings along and administrating a secure Cloud solution. However, not every company wants to relocate its data into the Cloud, or that is to say, one seeks to avoid distributed data storage.

A further approach constitutes...

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Nokia und Juniper Networks intensify their partnership
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In order to boost Telco-Cloud and to provide new solutions as to mobile broadband network Nokia and Juniper Networks plan to extend their long-standing corporation. According to these new plans, the Liquid Core solution by Nokia is to be combined with the Data-Center-Architecture Metafabric TM by Juniper Networks.

To mobile network operators, such proceeding constitutes the answer to the pressure of pushing new services onto the market more and more quickly. By means of this procedure, both the advantages of network virtualization within the Cloud and automation processes are to be...

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