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Necessary Equipment for Your Employees' Home Office
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At times one has to carry work home. Those telecommuters are a valuable resource for companies, and they should be well supported in their work. Having a comfortable remote office is necessary to ensure they experience the same working environment like that of a conventional office. There is need to invest sufficiently in the essential office equipment. 



A computer is an irreplaceable item for any office. A desktop is ideal for fixed workstations where monitors can be installed for those working on several projects. Nevertheless, a laptop is always preferred....

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The Need for Strong Security Measures In BYOD Programs
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Many companies are implementing the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as smartphone ownership increases heavily among consumers. BYOD refers to employees using personal devices for business-related activities by integrating them with a company’s software, hardware and networks. BYOD programs have been integral in boosting employee efficiency, cost savings and productivity. However, having employees access business information on their tablets or smartphone poses certain security threats. An nterprise can put in place various measures to curb these threats.



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The Top 4 Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2018
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Enterprise Mobility is gaining traction at a fast pace, with more than 2.5 million employees expected to work through smartphones by 2018. Here are the top enterprise mobility trends for 2018:


1. Popularity of BYOD to Increase 

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) culture is already popular in enterprises, and it will be further entrenched in 2018. BYOD offers a win-win solution in terms of lesser hardware and training costs for employers, and greater convenience, flexibility, and productivity improvement for employees.


2. Intuitive Apps to Become the Focal Point of...

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Pros and Cons of BYOD to the Company and Employees
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Technology companies are weighing between employees using corporate devices or capitalising on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at the work station. These two ideas have their own merits to the company and the workers, although most companies may try to put their interests before those of their employees. BYOD may work best for some firms while it may not favour the production in others, depending on the nature of the enterprise.


Pros of BYOD

Adopting BYOD in a company is a great ingredient in motivating the employees by providing them with a platform where they can work from...

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Moving Towards a Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management in 3 Steps
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You are probably thinking about the fastest, low-cost and most efficient way of ensuring that your organisation migrates to a multi-platform enterprise mobility management status without compromising on your security and performance. Let's take a look at the three simple steps that will guide you through the journey:


1. Prepare for the launch

You will need to prepare for the journey ahead of you. Critically evaluate the level of security, application management and device management that your organisation will need. You should consider about adopting the policy of ...

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What is a Digital Wallet?
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A digital wallet is an electronic device that enables the user to make e-commerce transactions. However, with the advent of the mobile phone, and the sheer determination of smartphone companies such as Apple, they have become even more personalised. For example, the latest Apple mobile phones with the e-wallet feature come bundled with security features such as fingerprint recognition for login verification and a detailed profile. In consequence, a user can even verify his age at a bar using his or her digital wallet.

The development

Although the digital wallet concept has been in existence...

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Are companies prepared to deploy BYOD?
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Matrix42, one of the leading software experts in the field of workplace management, find fault with German companies as to their flexibility in the context of modern workplace design. Exaggerated security concerns towards IT and employees are knocking out chances. Also, the expense factor at German companies is overemphasized and bears no relation to potential productivity improvement.

Modern working is characterized by mobility. Employees are able to access their workplace from all over the world. On average, companies provide their employees with 17 business applications for mobile...

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The key to success of mobile security
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Not for a long time can one imagine employees` everyday work in companies without mobile terminals. By now, a variety of different devices is deployed, as, for instance, notebooks, tablets, or smart phones. Day by day, enormous amounts of information are generated, collected, stored, processed, and also transferred thanks to efficient software for mobile devices (Mobile Application-Management Solutions) Thus, all the more inevitably is a maximum of data protection, especially with sensitive data. Here, it is decisive that possible security gaps are made visible, entirely tracked down, and...

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Data exchange on mobile terminals without the Cloud?
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BYOD brings mobility and flexibility into your company. Employees have mobile access to data from everywhere and are able to process them correspondingly. But, how to access these data? Either via VPN, which tremendously limits mobility through up- and download latency times, or one uses Cloud services.

For IT-departments, this means both dealing with the security risks BYOD brings along and administrating a secure Cloud solution. However, not every company wants to relocate its data into the Cloud, or that is to say, one seeks to avoid distributed data storage.

A further approach constitutes...

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The network solution of the future – Alcatel Lucent BYOD
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The considerably extended deployment of mobile terminals has brought companies` networks on the brink of their capacity. The mobility of employees has in fact been fostered, but as early as 2015 , a capacity of 80% of the WLANs will prove insufficient as to meeting the requirements of current applications. Over the course of required network adaptations, however, Unified Access is able to support a “Bring Your Own Device”-strategy. Simultaneously, projections assume a volatile rise of amount of data generated by mobile terminals in companies. Whereas their share rested with 26% still in...

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