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Augmented or Virtual - What's your reality?
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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are on everyone's lips at the moment. If you're reading this, you most likely have a general understanding of the two. You understand that Augmented Reality is information or content projected through a lens onto our real world while Virtual Reality has us fully immersed into a non-existent, fully-simulated world. At the moment, we're seeing these technologies being coupled with games, but have you thought about it beyond simple entertainment? Here are two big examples that should help you...

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All about Samsung Gear S3
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Samsung has always shown that it is not yet done with the wearable world. It made a huge impact with its Samsung Gear S2, but has made a great comeback with Gear S3 to show its competitors Apple Watch and Android Wear that the big boy is still relevant to the millenials.

In fact, Samsung introduced two models of Gear S3: Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – which are quite identical with slight tweaks. Both models are expected to be released towards the end of September, but regarding their prices Gear S3 duo may do great staying at its price at $299. It would...

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What you should know about Samsung Galaxy S8
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After the recently halted sales of Samsung Galaxy 7, a new version is to be released by 2017. This was in response to consumer reports of the smartphone’s battery melting or even bursting into flames. Although users were somewhat disappointed with Galaxy 7, Samsung still managed to get things in motion by promising to make the next smartphone faultless.

The Galaxy S8 will be likely to have top-notch specifications. The 5.1-inch panel, for example, is one of the features that Samsung has won over other smartphones such as iPhone SE. While the screen size still hasn’t been...

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iPhone 7 set to compete with dedicated cameras
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With the announcement of its upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has changed its approach to cameras in its long-running line of smartphones – starting with "user-friendliness" and going beyond.

Image stabilization, which previously was a feature in Plus models of the iPhone, has now been added to the IPhone 7 itself. This helps prevent image blur from shaking hands or camera movement. The iPhone 7's lens has also seen some moderate improvements: with a wider aperture, the camera is set to be able to take better-lit photos in low-light conditions.

The greatest...

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The Samsung Galaxy Note S7
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The Samsung Galaxy Note S7 might be the most technologically advanced piece of handheld hardware ever produced. Samsung have really pushed the bounds of what a phone can do and, in doing so, left Apple in the dust. It's hard to believe for anyone who was around for the launch of the original iPhone that this would be a market that could ever see Apple dominated. With the Galaxy Note S7, that's the world we're living in.


The Specs

Working from the outside in, the Galaxy Note S7 sports a rugged Corning Gorilla Glass body, both front and back, with a stunning, 5.7inch,...

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What to expect from Apple Watch 2
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For both Apple addicts and smart watch aficionados, the build up to the Apple Watch 2 is creating some serious buzz. While there is still a dearth of concrete information about Apple's latest wearable tech, there's some juicy rumours circulating and some interesting potential specs. Seeings as the original Apple Watch outsold both the iPod and the iPhone in it's initial release, we can be sure that Apple has something interesting lined up for Mark II.

What We Know

Concrete facts are hard to come by but we can be sure that the Apple Watch 2 will be sporting fully integrated call...

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Android overtakes IOS in Ads market
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Google have finally done it.

Their operating system has beaten Apple in the ads market. The Google Android now commands more traffic and more revenue than the Apple iOS, but wasn't this inevitable?

Here Are the Current Stats Android traffic = 65.17% Android revenue = 44.77% iOS traffic = 23.34% iOS revenue = 45.44% As you can see, the ratio for revenue to traffic numbers is far better with the Apple iOS, but then they have had more time to optimize their conversion method.

Though, to counter that argument, it could be said that a company that runs the largest and most popular search...

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