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Latest data techniques analyse voting
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The use of big data technology and web robots (or bots) within social media is becoming increasingly common. Here, we look at how these powerful tools that were used together during the 2017 general election campaign in UK to analyse and influence voters.

Social background

Only a decade or two ago, election and referendum predictions employed face-to-face and telephone polls in which respondents' preference for a certain television channel or newspaper was used to guess social status and level of education. These days, predictions from numerous sources are progressively...

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4 Tips for a Successful B2B Mobile Marketing
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It's no secret that many B2C companies have profited from mobile marketing. It is virtually impossible to find someone who is yet to use the Amazon app for shopping or Yelp for checking restaurant reviews. As a matter of fact, Google reports that more than 50 percent of all the searches done worldwide are carried out via mobile phones.


Does mobile marketing affect B2B companies?

Besides affecting the B2C businesses, mobile marketing also happens to have a big effect on the B2B businesses as well. A survey done by Regalix on the state of B2B Mobile Marketing 2015 reveals that B2B...

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Practical Advice
Detecting and eliminating viruses on smartphones and tablets
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While viruses have been mostly common on computers, smartphones and tablets are also vulnerable. Most of the viruses aim at acquiring the user’s personal data. It may attack your apps, email and online banking information. However, there are ways which you can use to ensure your device is safe from these viruses. 


Different Symptoms of infected devices

The worst-case scenario is when your phone is affected and you do not realize it. This is because the longer the virus is on your device, the more information it will be able to collect. It is important to note that any...

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Practical Advice
Germany sets standards for consumer-friendly apps
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Consumers are increasingly worrying whether the friendly-looking app they’re inviting onto their phone may actually turn out to be less friendly in practice. The areas of concern are legion. Take data protection – if consumers have other apps on their phone, such as banking, they need to be sure that the app they just downloaded isn’t hostile. The concerns are even graver when the app has permission to track their location or scan their emails. Photos are now becoming an issue too, since facial recognition is beginning to be widely used.


User friendly...

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Inside Story
Google Pixel Phones Increase Market Share
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Google Pixel smartphones continue to increase their market share worldwide. The phones, which are the first to offer consumers the Google Assistant built in, now capture 10 percent of the market for premium smartphones in India. 

The feature's on Google's groundbreaking device could make it a strong competitor for Apple. Apple's iPhones lead the premium market with 66% of consumers choosing it for its numerous apps, sleek design and other benefits. Pixel is designed by Google and manufactured by HTC. It looks like an iPhone and that has worked to Google's advantage,...

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Product Information
Capriza's New Micro Apps Boost Internal Processes
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Capriza, the Palo Alto-based enterprise app firm is rolling out Falcon, touted as the industry’s first “universal micro apps.” Falcon is in essence a series of micro apps that help enterprises carry out internal procedures, such as purchase orders, invoicing, leave processing and more, in double quick time. 

What makes Falcon unique is its flexibility to attach itself to any legacy backend, including PeopleSoft, SAP, and Oracle. Falcon works by the end-user installing a single container app, containing various ready-to-go, mobile optimised micro apps. The system...

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Google's handy new Spaces app takes social sharing to a new high
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Google has just introduced a new app called Spaces, which is a sharing tool for small groups of users. Spaces allows users to share content on any topic they choose and comment on it with group messages. Luke Wroblewski, the Product Director of Spaces, announced in a blog that Spaces users can stay within the app and search for articles, images and videos then share them with their chosen contacts. This is easily achieved because Google Chrome, Google Search and YouTube are all integrated into Spaces. He went on to say that users can tap the app to create a space, find their chosen topic,...

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Appsee invests in consumer habits
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Apptivo is Ideal for Bureaucracy Streamlining and Customer Management

Apptivo is an office suite that is used and operated online. It has web based business solutions such as apps, enterprise resource planning software and online tools. It is web-based, which means you do not have to download software each time you wish to use a certain tool or application.


Is Apptivo free to use?

You can have up to 40 tools for free if you are a small business. If you want tools that are more advanced or more specialized, then you have to pay for them. You can also choose paid plans that are more...

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The big data acquisitiveness of mobile apps
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Working with mobile devices has some pain points for security reasons. Rules for data access and security systems to protect company data on devices used for work are important. But the security of personal data is as important.

On Facebook people check exactly what data they give away to the public. For additional tools, they check what data these tools want have access to, because they want protection for their personal data and contact details of friends.

But using a smartphone is like playing with the huge amount of different apps that could be downloaded in the shops. The danger through...

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Important rules for the development of mobile apps
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Mobile devices are no longer used only the read some emails or surf the web. More and more companies offer individual apps to access data from specialized applications. But with the growing variations of mobile devices, the complexity of needs is growing.

To get the best usability for an application on mobile devices, you need to realize some rules in development of those apps.

Always keep in mind during the development process, that there are a lot of variations of displays. There are big differences in displaying information on a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. On laptops and tablets you...

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