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Practical Advice
Identification and Prevention of Phishing
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Phishing is a modern-day online fraud that involves sending of suspicious messages, mostly using emails, to unsuspecting people requesting for sensitive information. The information usually requested are usernames, passwords for financial or other personal details. The common narrative used is detail verification with threats of terminating the service if the data requested is not provided. 


Common Signs for Phishing Attempts 

  1. Spelling and Grammar used in an email are the first signs of phishing. In case the meaning or structure of a sentence is incoherent, do not open any...

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Practical Advice
3 tips to avoid spy apps on your smartphone
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Smartphones have become one of the most important devices for millions of people. With the help of these phones, you can easily have a wealth of online information at your fingertips and enjoy accessing your emails and appointments whenever you want. #However, smartphones are just as prone to cyber attacks as any other computer device. Criminals don’t even have to steal your phone in order to get access to your banking details and other personal data. If you want to protect your smartphone against spyware, make sure you read the following guide: 


1. Avoid Clicking on...

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Saving Office Space
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In this competitive world, most organisations are looking for ways to reduce cost. Office space is the second-biggest expense for companies. Hot-desking or desk-sharing is one of the techniques companies have been adopting to save this precious space. It is where workers are not assigned a permanent desk and therefore they have to share with others. Desk-sharing provides a flexible working environment and most new employees such as graduates easily adapt to it. 

Implementing an effective hot-desking strategy may face resistance from employees who are used to traditional offices. Here...

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Why you should Stress on Mobile Security Policy
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Regardless of your enterprise’s size, the mobile devices used may generate a wide range of cyber security issues from time to time. Such problems expose your business to risks that can damage the company’s reputation. Look no further for a solution; take the wisest step and implement mobile security policies early for your firm. 


How Mobile Security Policies Work 

A valid mobile security policy can protect the enterprise’s Data at Rest. “Data at Rest” is all information stored on the mobile devices. For example; mobile phones, notebook...

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