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Practical Advice
3 Tips That Can Help Companies to Achieve Enterprise Mobility Success
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Companies experience a tough time whenever IT paradigms change. The early adopters of enterprise mobility earned tremendous benefits, while most of them realised that they had bit off more than they could chew. The enterprise mobility world is challenging, and to navigate your organization through the journey, you need more than in-house consultants. This guide outlines some key lessons that will make your enterprise’s mobility journey successful. 


1. Prioritise Processes That Deserve Mobility 

Habitually, the mobility conversation takes place in the context of...

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Choosing the Right Business Smartphone
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The right smartphone is an integral part of running a successful business. Many businessmen forget that when purchasing a smartphone and end up losing on the benefits that the right communication gadget represents. The following are some pointers to consider when getting a phone for your business: 


Battery Life 

The battery life of a smartphone is vital as it determines how long you can use it for various functions. A phone that has a low battery life is not very convenient for the upwardly mobile businessman. Some manufacturers tend to exaggerate their smartphones battery...

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Tips That Will Help You to Run Your Business from Your Smartphone
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With the ability to do work in the cloud, faster internet speeds, and powerful devices, working from a smartphone has become a reality for businesses. Networking, software, and hardware advances can now allow professionals, remote workers, and business travellers, to be in touch and work while on the move. Here are some fantastic tips that will help you to work from your smartphone. 


Have a Separate Work Phone 

Having two devices can reduce distractions and keep non-work apps and your calls away during your working time. While most people prefer to use one phone for both...

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How Businesses Are Struggling To Embrace a Digital Workplace and Overcoming Resistance to Technology
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Many technologies are able to sustain an increasingly fragmented workforce. These range from team chatting tools, to video conferencing, and content collaboration platforms. While the benefit of these tools might appear obvious, realising a widespread adoption in large organisations can be challenging. Low acceptance of technology is a persistent problem for tech buyers and can lead to a business missing out on the profits of new tools. 


Youngest and Oldest Workers Are More Open To Change 

Age is a crucial factor in an organisation. Companies habitually assume that young...

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