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How To Have A Vacation Not Workation
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The term 'workation' is a relatively recent entry in to the everyday vocabulary. It is a play on the term staycation. But where staycation brings thoughts of family fun, relaxation and nostalgia, the term workation can be synonymous with stress and a holiday marred by self-imposed office interruptions. In America, 54% of respondents to a survey said they would check work emails once or twice a week on holiday, with 15% checking them daily. Yet is this necessary, and if so can it be managed so you are still able to enjoy your holiday?


The Need to be Connected


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Moving Towards a Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management in 3 Steps
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You are probably thinking about the fastest, low-cost and most efficient way of ensuring that your organisation migrates to a multi-platform enterprise mobility management status without compromising on your security and performance. Let's take a look at the three simple steps that will guide you through the journey:


1. Prepare for the launch

You will need to prepare for the journey ahead of you. Critically evaluate the level of security, application management and device management that your organisation will need. You should consider about adopting the policy of ...

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EU-Commission Draft Report Seeks to Protect Encrypted Communications
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The UK government calls clashes with the European Parliament draft to allow access to encrypted messaging platforms like WhatsApp and others. The EU draft report sites inconsistency in amending and keeping pace with the advancing technology of the 2002 regulation on ePrivacy. The focus by the European Parliament is to deal with over-the-top (OTT) services which imitate the conventional communication systems, such as landline telephones which had little privacy, although their regulation and protection is different. 


The UK government's Concern on Encrypted Communications


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