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Mobile Malware Threats Are Becoming Increasingly Sophisticated
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Despite various efforts to secure the mobile platform, the user has been and remains the main Achilles heel. This is because it is very likely that some customers will do some risky things with their mobile devices, be it through deliberate intent or ignorance. 


Exploiting vulnerabilities 

The so-called jail breaking or rooting of mobile devices, for example, is widespread. It enables the user to receive administrator rights on his device. For example, software may be installed from unauthorized sources, but this also increases the risks of picking up malicious code. 

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Practical Advice
How to Make Your Mobile App Stand Out
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The market is now flooded with mobile applications. This is partly because mobile users need them to do almost everything in their lives. There are certain factors will make your mobile app stand out, but user experience beats them all. So, what about your mobile application user experience will make it stand out from the rest?

Make the Login and Registration Process as Simple as Possible

The first step for using an app is the registration part. If this part is complicated for the user, then you can bet that they are not going to use the application. They are likely to give up on the...

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Could Mobile Working Be Hurting Employee Wellbeing
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Thanks to the power of the Internet, it is possible for many office workers to get work done from any location for at least a part of the typical working week. According to a 2016 study conducted by the Work Foundation, 30 percent of office workers can take advantage of mobile working, and the foundation expects that figure to increase to 70 percent over the next few years. 


Work Anywhere Versus Work Everywhere 

Mobile workers can work anywhere, as long as they have access to a reliable internet connection and a laptop or smart device. To those mobile workers, their office...

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Practical Advise
How Do I Choose the Right Mobile Device?
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Tablets have become popular due to their easy to use interface, extreme portability as well as the extensive range of function the devices can be used for. In numerous ways, the best tablet computers can almost replace laptops for people on the go.

On the other hand, a laptop can also be very portable, and it has a wider range of tasks that it can be used for. Here is some advice to those trying to decide between buying a tablet or a laptop. 


Storage Capacity 

To keep their costs and size down, tablets rely on new SSS (solid-state storage memory) as a way of storing data...

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