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Creating A Mobile Office – Easy!
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There are many tools at the modern business' disposal which can facilitate the opening and smooth operation of a 'mobile office'. And for good reason. Rising accommodation and staffing costs, along with the need to travel further for work, mean people are opting instead for the benefits of a fully fledged office and staff, but with only a shell of the facilities previously needed. 


The Office Itself – A Good Start 

There are now many companies out there catering specifically to mobile clients. Instead of a full time office, it's now possible to...

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The Adverse Effects Of Rowhammer On Smartphones
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Rowhammer is a hacking procedure that manipulates the user information in electronic devices. It was first realized by researchers four years ago when they began ascertaining the working mechanism of this harmful software. It alters the security system in the computer by influencing the electric charge in the storage system to steal and corrupt the information stored in the device. Efforts to fix this issue, however, bear no fruits since the exploitation happens on the hardware of the device and not the software.


The Working Mechanism of the Rowhammer

Recently, the researchers...

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Downsides of Wireless Charging Systems?
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Wireless charging technology has been around since the late years of the 20th century. Big names in the portable devices industry have adopted this technology. The latest ones are Apple and Samsung in their most recent flagship projects.


What is wireless charging and how does it work? 

It involves electromagnetic fields that transfer energy from the charger to receivers that convert it into electricity to charge the battery. The devices have inbuilt receiver systems or external case receivers. The device charges at proximity and appropriate aligning on the charger, without cable...

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