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The impact of laptop ban on flights
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Terrorist acts have been a growing fear not only for US citizens but also for Europeans. The recent laptop ban on flights from some Middle Eastern countries is a direct approach to prevent terrorism. The US and European officials are discussing plans to widen this ban by including flights from Europe. 


More than 350 flights per day concerned

This move could create chaos in airports as up to 65 million passengers travel between Europe and America per annum.There would be disruptions on more than 350 flights a day, many of which are business travellers who rely on their...

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Practical Advice
Detecting and eliminating viruses on smartphones and tablets
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While viruses have been mostly common on computers, smartphones and tablets are also vulnerable. Most of the viruses aim at acquiring the user’s personal data. It may attack your apps, email and online banking information. However, there are ways which you can use to ensure your device is safe from these viruses. 


Different Symptoms of infected devices

The worst-case scenario is when your phone is affected and you do not realize it. This is because the longer the virus is on your device, the more information it will be able to collect. It is important to note that any...

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Inside Story
Italian Court Accepts Mobile Phone Causality in Brain Tumour
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When mobile phones first came out, there were conspiracy theories linking the use of mobile phones to cancer of users. After all, these unscientific theories posited, mobile phones use microwaves – microwaves disrupt the function of cells and since cancer basically is a disruption of the cells, mobile phones would cause cancer. This poor science was quickly dismissed by the general populace, with some reservations as to the safety of older mobiles and the length of time spent on the devices.

Current Findings

These reservations may now be justified: an Italian court has...

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Practical Advice
Germany sets standards for consumer-friendly apps
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Consumers are increasingly worrying whether the friendly-looking app they’re inviting onto their phone may actually turn out to be less friendly in practice. The areas of concern are legion. Take data protection – if consumers have other apps on their phone, such as banking, they need to be sure that the app they just downloaded isn’t hostile. The concerns are even graver when the app has permission to track their location or scan their emails. Photos are now becoming an issue too, since facial recognition is beginning to be widely used.


User friendly...

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