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Getting to Understand the Digital Workplace
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We live in an age where workplaces are becoming more than just physical spaces that are occupied by workers. Workplaces today are connected environments that provide instant access to a majority of things that employees need. Lines between the place where work takes place and the physical office are becoming blurred, acting as a distinction between professional and personal lives. This, in short, is a scenario of a digital workplace, and planning the digital workplace is what many companies are doing today.


Digital workplace defined

A digital workplace is a concept describing how...

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New WhatsApp Business instant messaging service
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Long popular with individuals, WhatsApp enjoys widespread appeal due to its intuitive interface and free pricing model. Now, the popular online text messaging provider has launched a new text message service for businesses. Here, we look at how WhatsApp Business could boost customer communication and benefit entrepreneurs, decision-makers and professionals in small and medium-sized companies – in almost every sector. 

Introduction to WhatsApp Business

According to a company announcement, a new verification process will confirm that telephone numbers match authentic...

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The Need for Strong Security Measures In BYOD Programs
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Many companies are implementing the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as smartphone ownership increases heavily among consumers. BYOD refers to employees using personal devices for business-related activities by integrating them with a company’s software, hardware and networks. BYOD programs have been integral in boosting employee efficiency, cost savings and productivity. However, having employees access business information on their tablets or smartphone poses certain security threats. An nterprise can put in place various measures to curb these threats.



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