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Does mobile tech improve or reduce productivity?
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Does mobile tech equate to increased productivity? This seems to be the common assumption among most businesses. They tend to cultivate the myth that the use of mobile technology results in increased productivity. This is one of the reasons why the trend of mobile workplaces continues to rise. Thus, it is no surprise why there is a mobile work strategy (such as the use of apps) in place in more than 90% of organizations.


The case against mobile technology in offices

Businesses need to understand that mobile technology in itself does not increase productivity, but rather it creates...

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Practical Advice
The Underestimated Importance of Workplace Mobility
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Workplace mobility is a growing business strategy used by some managers to commission the staff to work from anywhere regardless of the time or device being used. This move is backed by the fact that tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices bring flexibility within the workplace when connected through broadband. Various organizations are adopting this idea owing to the following reasons:  



Different mobile applications have played a major role in helping workers access and share documents and presentations from different...

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The Present and Future of Mobile Threat Detection
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Mobile devices are a vital tools in the modern corporate environment, but they carry potential security risks that must be mitigated by adequate monitoring. To this effect, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a fast growing field that produces tools and solutions aimed not only at averting security issues but also towards proactively keep them at bay. 

This article will briefly present the most typical approaches already being used, as well as pointing out the likely course of future development of mobile threat detection for enterprises. 

Different Approaches to...

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Large Numbers of Enterprise Endpoints May Benefit From Unified Endpoint Management
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Compared to personal endpoints, such as the computers and devices families may have in their home, businesses face a much more difficult time securing the large fleets of workstations or the server farms that might provide their livelihood. Often, they have more to lose as well.

The problem

For one thing, there is an issue of quantity. Enterprises have a much larger set of devices, all of which must be secured: any weak links in a network can cause widespread damage when exposed to the Internet. There is also a matter of quality. Though consumers can often live with staggered...

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New Reaper botnet threatens business security
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IT specialists are becoming increasingly concerned by a growing risk to their intelligent devices. Known as the IoT_Reaper botnet, the new threat looks for embedded hardware such as the latest security cameras, in which it can hide, covertly harness processor power and direct attacks at selected targets.


Why hack security cameras?

Hacking IP cameras may not be merely for destructive malevolence, but to tamper with the output for criminal reasons. It is this latter possibility that alarms experts; hackers might take advantage for nefarious purposes, especially robberies. 


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