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How the Digital Workplace is Affecting Every Aspect of Work
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The use of mobile gadgets has continued to grow, and with it, collaboration solutions have been born. The digital workspace, which is made up of collaborative technologies and mobile has had a significant impact on how businesses are currently using them for decision making in changing purchasing process and attitudes. Digitalisation has also affected employee relation, their interaction with clients, and support partners to create a more efficient and effective business. A workspace strategy is needed for any company to ensure that it remains relevant and competitive in the digital world.


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The Top 4 Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2018
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Enterprise Mobility is gaining traction at a fast pace, with more than 2.5 million employees expected to work through smartphones by 2018. Here are the top enterprise mobility trends for 2018:


1. Popularity of BYOD to Increase 

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) culture is already popular in enterprises, and it will be further entrenched in 2018. BYOD offers a win-win solution in terms of lesser hardware and training costs for employers, and greater convenience, flexibility, and productivity improvement for employees.


2. Intuitive Apps to Become the Focal Point of...

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Practical Advice
How to stay ahead with local SEO
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SEO marketing has been a popular advertising tool for all sorts of businesses ranging from national, big-companies and even small companies over the last few years. Those who have tried it, know that this marketing strategy is constantly changing. For small businesses especially, competing with the big businesses can be a headache. However, many small businesses are leaning towards utilising the concept of local SEO as a means of reducing competition to their geographic locations. When it comes to local SEO, businesses need to be more specific and strong about their marketing strategies to...

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Practical Advise
Implementing a Successful Mobile Workplace
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As businesses move into the digital world, the use of mobile applications has significantly intensified. Both startups and existing companies are approaching mobile workplace to provide employees with an easy engagement while conducting their businesses. There are core elements that business owners need to consider to have a well-crafted mobility. 



The first step towards a mobile workplace success is to set a roadmap which will be taken by an organisation towards realising its goal. The process involves the approach which will be taken toward establishing a digitally...

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