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Practical Advice
How to Choose a Fitting Business Laptop
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Finding the proper laptop is often a challenging task given the extensive range of options available in the market. An ideal business laptop should perfectly balance productivity, reliability and portability. Price is also a critical aspect, but this only matters if you are interested in high performance. The following are some of the key specifications to evaluate when shopping for a business laptop: 


1. Operating system

The operating system (OS) is the platform on which the computer operates. The main variants in the market are Windows, Mac and Linux. For business purposes, ...

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Why are Android Users Switching to iOS Systems?
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It is a well-established fact that Android and iOS have been doing battle for a number of years in regards to which is the better overall operating system. However, it is beginning to look like iOS might be gaining ground and attracting more users. Why is this the case and what can we expect in the coming months?


The Security Issue

The rise of malware and spyware dictates that users are more keenly aware of potential security vulnerabilities than ever before. Unfortunately, Android has been a bit late in the game when addressing this issue. iOS systems have always been restrictive in...

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Protecting Your Smartphone From Meltdown & Spectre
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While Intel has been dominating headlines after a kernel bug affected most of its processors putting users of Windows and Mac at risk, the major security flaws referred to as Meltdown and Spectre can also affect ARM processors which power iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones. Here is what you need to know about the flaws:


What are Meltdown and Spectre?

These are security flaws that were recently discovered by Google security researchers in collaboration with others. Google notes that even if Android phones are vulnerable, exploitation has been...

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Practical Advise
How to Make Desk Sharing Work
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The idea of desk sharing has been in discussion over years and is still questionable. We humans are naturally territorial, but when it comes to sharing in business, it becomes a fundamental aspect. Considering the traditional office system where a specific staff is assigned a desk, occupancy hardly goes past 60%. This results in underutilization – desk sharing on the other hand can achieve higher percentages. However, adopting desk sharing can be tricky. This calls for the need to create awareness among employees on the importance of desk sharing. Here some of the main principles...

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