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Introducing Zutas portable printer
Introducing Zutas portable printer
Time icon29 April 2015, 10:46 am
Zutas portable printer is a rechargeable pocket printer that is equipped with a unique mechanical drive system. What this means is that despite its size, it can print on any size of paper. Connect with Wi-Fi, and set it to print no matter where you are. Even though it is small, it can print for an hour before needing to be recharged. 
How does it work?
Place your paper on a flat surface and set the print specifications and the print order you wish to produce. Place the printer on the paper and it runs across the page and prints your order. It connects to mobile and desktop computers, so you can use it in the office and in the field. 
What do people say about it?
Once you own one you will wonder how you ever got by without it. It is a convenience tool that doesn’t keep you tied to a desk. It only weighs 350g, so you can put it in your pocket or your case and forget about it until you need it. It has won flurries of awards for innovation, and most people are surprised at just how quick and easy it is to use. 
Specifications and statistics
It is 10.2cm in diameter and only weighs 350g with an ink cartridge in. It only holds a small cartridge, yet is able to print over 100 pages with just one cartridge. It can print one page per minute on standard A4, but you can pick any page size you wish. If you want to print several pages, then send your order to the app and it will print the first page. It will then wait for you to place it on the second page and wait for you to tap the top of it before printing.