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Key Metrics: Is Your App Doing Well?
Key Metrics: Is Your App Doing Well?
Time icon13 April 2018, 11:04 am

Mobile apps present a unique opportunity for businesses and brands to achieve specific goalsand to diversify their business model. Please do take note of this important aspect of mobile apps as it is helping you attain specific business goals. What are the goals for your business? What are you aiming at, now that you have a mobile application? Clarity on expectations for your mobile app will make it easier to not only measure performance but to also achieve success with your app.

Once you have certain clear goals and have built an app to help you achieve them, how will you tell if your app is doing well? What indicators should you be looking at to determine the success rate of your mobile app? While the correct answer to this question really goes back to your business goals, here is my summary of the metrics you should consider for your app business:


Key Performance Indicators For Your App

  1. Engagement Metrics: This has to do with how users are relating with your app. It involves a number of factors, including gauging the number of downloads, checking the number of user sessions (how often users access your app), Session time (how much time users spend in your app), Permissions granted (shows whether users trust your app), and finally, how many pages did the user access during their session? These factors will tell you exactly how your users are interacting and relating with your mobile app.
  2. Revenue Metrics: Ultimately, the goal of any business is to make some bucks for the value they have created for customers. After checking how well your users are engaging with your app, it's now time to find out how much income is being generated from this engagement. This can be different for different kinds of business, but majorly; number of subscriptions if you charge per subscription (especially for media companies), purchases made through your app (mostly for e commerce apps).
  3. Ambassador metrics: They say that the best marketer for any business is their customer. How well are customers talking about your app and business, and how many more clients are they bringing? This is a particularly strong metric as it immediately tells you that the client is contented with what you offer, and now they want their friends and family to benefit too. By the way, consider having a sharing option through the several different channels like social media and via messaging.