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The Concept of New Work
The Concept of New Work
Time icon15 March 2018, 11:03 am

New Work, a concept developed by Frithjof Bergmann, an Austro-American social philosopher, analyses the need for liberty in the current system of work. The concept seeks to transform the conventional wage labour system into New Work. For this concept to be realised, the approach is categorised into three distinct ideas. 


Passion for Work

According to Frithjof, many people have been working on daily tasks that are repetitive and boring. The idea of removing monotonous can be eliminated through automation. Machines take repetitive and boring work, while the human beings can focus on imaginative, creative and uplifting tasks. The concept of New Work is not based on speeding work through technology and running the world in the process, but it is about letting people do tasks that they deeply believe in and passionately want to do. 


Smart Consumption and High Tech Self Providing

In the near feature, more advanced technology will take over many tasks by having all-in-one automated devices that produce good autonomously. The idea behind this concept is to have people decide on what they find useful and eliminate wastage or resources and time. In Bergmann’s view, many items and products are irrelevant as they waste a lot of time in using them, instead of saving. Such products and devices need to be replaced with high-tech equipment that creates smart consumption through their use.


Lucrative Employment 

As an employee in the New Work concept, employment is more than receiving a paycheck at the end of the month. Employees need to feel like the conventional capitalists in their work where they are given a platform to unleash their human potential. The contributions of the workers in decision making should be recognised to have a flawless flow of tasks where everyone in a firm is involved. Instead of overworking individuals in achieving a company’s objective and leaving more people unemployed, jobs should be distributed to accommodate as many people as possible. Reducing unemployment will directly reduce poverty globally and provide suitable employment.