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Christmas-time is shopping-time
Christmas-time is shopping-time
Time icon17 December 2013, 12:34 pm
Christmas is the time for searching the right gifts for friends and family. If it is the Christmas market or just shopping in malls, you know to be careful there, because criminals are looking for your money and cards in this troublesome times.

But shopping for Christmas gifts could be dangerous in the world wide web too, because cybercriminals using this time for their business too. Security expert Trendmicro has published a guide with some tips to keep in mind, to be save while shopping for gifts. The link for the download could be found at the end of this article.

There is no different if you are using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, secure your device with security apps. Because malware or trojans could ruin your shopping fun. And this brings us to one of the most important points: do never use an unknown device for your shopping activities, because you don´t know if it is infected with any dangerous applications. And do not use free hotspots for your shopping, because you don´t know who else is scanning the data traffic there. Use private hotspots and networks you know for shopping.

Especially if you want to use your smartphone for shopping, you should use the official apps from the shops or some bookmarks to visit the website. Because with those small devices you could type in the URL wrong and criminals use copied websites to get your login-details as well as your payment data.

Only trust shops you know and use payment methods that gives you some additional security like creditcard or PayPal. Especially at Christmas season everyone highlights special offers, but do you really know if those shops are trustable?

And be carefully with QR-codes. Only scan those where you can verify the source or brand, because QR-codes could lead you to websites, that want to install malware or Trojans on your mobile device.

This list could be much more longer, but with those main behavior methods, you could avoid the most threats that could harm your Christmas shopping fun. And always keep in mind to use secure passwords and do not leave your mobile devices unsecured.

You can download the guide here: