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Does mobile tech improve or reduce productivity?
Does mobile tech improve or reduce productivity?
Time icon29 November 2017, 13:00 pm

Does mobile tech equate to increased productivity? This seems to be the common assumption among most businesses. They tend to cultivate the myth that the use of mobile technology results in increased productivity. This is one of the reasons why the trend of mobile workplaces continues to rise. Thus, it is no surprise why there is a mobile work strategy (such as the use of apps) in place in more than 90% of organizations.


The case against mobile technology in offices

Businesses need to understand that mobile technology in itself does not increase productivity, but rather it creates opportunities for the workforce to work more productively. However, most modern businesses will try fitting mobile technology without taking into account the context within which it is being used and how it will alter the existing culture and workflows of those using it. This results in a scenario in which employees may not effectively use it because they still have the desktop mentality in them. This may result in a decrease of productivity due to factors such as complex workflows, poor communication and distractions among others.


How to harness the power of mobile technology?

To improve on productivity, businesses need to focus on all aspects of the workplace when integrating mobile technology. Companies also need to come up with various technological solutions, with mobile technology being one them, to help solve the challenges that employees face. This means that they should not have the mind-set that the mobile technology is not the ultimate solution for increasing productivity, rather, it is by empowering employees to find better ways to work.