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The Present and Future of Mobile Threat Detection
The Present and Future of Mobile Threat Detection
Time icon16 November 2017, 8:58 am

Mobile devices are a vital tools in the modern corporate environment, but they carry potential security risks that must be mitigated by adequate monitoring. To this effect, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a fast growing field that produces tools and solutions aimed not only at averting security issues but also towards proactively keep them at bay. 

This article will briefly present the most typical approaches already being used, as well as pointing out the likely course of future development of mobile threat detection for enterprises. 

Different Approaches to Mobile Threat Detection

The purpose of mobile detection tools is to actively monitor the mobile devices in a corporate network to pinpoint security issues and weak links. This usually involves a multi-layered approach that encompasses different architectural levels of a mobile device. 

  1. Integrity of the device and operating system, managed by specialized software that persistently monitors a mobile device to ensure it has not been tampered with or infected in any way.
  2. Network monitoring is also vital, entailing a surveillance of all network traffic coming in and out of a mobile device.
  3. App surveillance is the third crucial cornerstone of mobile threat detection, and it calls for scrutiny of each app as it’s launched, to ensure it poses no potential security issues.


How Mobile Thread Detection Should Evolve

The future of EMM will hinge on using machine learning to stay ahead of new types of threat and unexpected mobile attacks. This kind of approach should allow for a notably faster automated response, mediated by highly refined self-programming software. The aim will be detecting possible threats and dealing with then intelligently, without need for direct human intervention. No matter how smart the attackers get, this approach should allow the network managers to always come up ahead.