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Implementing a Successful Mobile Workplace
Implementing a Successful Mobile Workplace
Time icon 6 October 2017, 8:54 am

As businesses move into the digital world, the use of mobile applications has significantly intensified. Both startups and existing companies are approaching mobile workplace to provide employees with an easy engagement while conducting their businesses. There are core elements that business owners need to consider to have a well-crafted mobility. 



The first step towards a mobile workplace success is to set a roadmap which will be taken by an organisation towards realising its goal. The process involves the approach which will be taken toward establishing a digitally inclusive workforce. The kind of inputs required regarding finances and labour should be well planned at this stage. 


Setting a Mobile Workplace

A mobile framework which encourages employees to bring their own devices (BYOD) as a process of creating a mobile workplace is most likely bound to encounter challenges. An organisation workplace should focus more on having a unified mobile infrastructure which enhances maintenance, security, productivity and ease of sharing information across the network, despite employees carrying their own devices to the workplace. 


Data and Network Security

Infrastructure security is a key factor to consider for a mobile workplace to achieve its goal. As much as mobile network enhances productivity, company’s data should be well secured from third parties by using VPN to prevent access to information by outsiders in cases where employees use their gadget on unsecured wireless networks. Organisations should also have a way of remote wiping to protect its data in cases of theft or loss of mobile devices. 


Determine Value and Performance

A successful mobile workplace allows an organisation to have a way of measuring the results and value contributed by the introduction of applications in the company. Employee agility, satisfaction and workforce effectiveness should be determined, and necessary steps are taken to uphold or make changes to the mobile infrastructure according to the metrics.