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How to work remotely from home with success
How to work remotely from home with success
Time icon28 September 2017, 8:12 am

Working remotely from home is becoming more common nowadays. The advent of cloud computing means that many workers can avoid travelling long distances, beating the traffic or even wasting time and focus more on delivering what is needed – at the comfort of their homes. While this has many advantages such as freedom and flexibility, the line between home life and professional life may be blurred, with some workers coming to realize it is more of a curse than a blessing. However, here are a few ways to ensure you work successfully from home.


1. Stick to a schedule

You should make and stick to schedule. This is because it takes a lot of discipline to work from home, and many find themselves straying from what they intended and end up procrastinating.


2. Find time to take breaks to relax

It is very easy to get caught up in work while you are alone. It is important to take constant breaks to avoid burning out.


3. Minimize distractions

The home environment can be full of distractions such as children, visitors or pets among others. To ensure you minimize distractions, reassure that your work-from-home office setup is quiet and in a room or place that minimizes distractions as much as possible.


4. Set clear boundaries between work and home duties

One of the main distractions while working from home is that you may be tempted to multi task between home and work duties. This may minimize your productivity and you may find you are giving one task more attention than the other.


5. Set up an office environment

Since home is where you relax, you brain is wired to relax instead of working. However, if you set your working environment to closely resemble an office environment, your brain will be tuned to feel as if you are in an actual office environment, thus enhancing productivity.