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4 Actions to Start Mobile Recruiting
4 Actions to Start Mobile Recruiting
Time icon31 August 2017, 8:07 am

The evolution of mobile recruiting is being experienced fast in the recruitment industry and human resources managers have geared up to ensure that they land the best candidates through these platforms. There are, however, various challenges that can make the recruiting team miss out on the best potential employees. Therefore, they need to check on various factors when posting a job advert:


1. Create A Mobile Friendly Job Search

More than three out of five job seekers who visit a company’s site via their mobile phones visit the career page for any job openings. This makes the career page a necessity when creating a company’s website, whether yet planning to offer job opportunities in the future or not.


2. Site Appearance should be adjusted

A lot of job seekers are keen on checking the appearance of a company’s website and the ease of navigating through various pages. Job seekers are more likely to be turned off by a site which is not appealing, despite the availability of open positions and be attracted to another well-crafted site which may seem to have much competition from fellow job seekers.


3. Ask Few Questions Mobile

Applying via mobile phone may take a lot of time if the recruiting team asks many questions which may not be possible to answer through filling on a phone. Job seekers want to apply for as many jobs as possible within the shortest time possible using their mobile phones. The recruiting team should therefore ask only a few relevant questions which can help in capturing the best candidates for the job. 


4. Implement One-button Mobile Application

To simplify the process of a job application for mobile phone users, recruiters should consider using a one-time button which allows job seekers to feed their CV on a form and use the same to apply for various positions by a click of a button. This enables them to apply for many jobs which they are qualified in without filling the same form over and over again.