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Multi-cloud as a gateway to digital transformation
Multi-cloud as a gateway to digital transformation
Time icon18 August 2017, 11:16 am

As technology drives change in business at a very fast rate, the demands of end users keep on rising. Organizations are thus faced with challenges in adapting to these digital demands while operating in real time to safeguard their data at minimal operational costs. Cloud innovation is thus a critical digital transformation agent for enterprises that want to run better and grow faster. Setting up this model has its risks and crucial choices have to be adhered to lest all its benefits are wiped out. 


Developing the multi cloud architecture

Putting a robust IT infrastructure in place is the first consideration when implementing the cloud model. Whether the model is homogeneous or heterogeneous, it should follow a service-oriented approach, rather than putting emphasis on monolithic application capability. This allows the organizations to have flexibility on when to start or stop offering the service.


Managing the cloud

Multi cloud strategies come with multiple cloud solutions which require specific management consoles. This creates a possible new learning curve that may distort the management process. Organizations should thus install a unified management platform to leverage multi-cloud strategies. This platform creates abstraction layers between different interfaces where organizations can control user access that manages system complexity, IT sources and DevOPs. 



Organizations implementing the multi-cloud must have a proper audit, strategy as well as MVP process outlining their mission and vision. Thus, adoption of right tools and resources is imperative. The whole business action plan with its applications and infrastructure must be understood. In addition, the following activities should be defined: Resource management and operations, security and associated protocols, governance and training needs, and implementation and automation procedures.