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Moving Towards a Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management in 3 Steps
Moving Towards a Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management in 3 Steps
Time icon19 July 2017, 14:49 pm

You are probably thinking about the fastest, low-cost and most efficient way of ensuring that your organisation migrates to a multi-platform enterprise mobility management status without compromising on your security and performance. Let's take a look at the three simple steps that will guide you through the journey:


1. Prepare for the launch

You will need to prepare for the journey ahead of you. Critically evaluate the level of security, application management and device management that your organisation will need. You should consider about adopting the policy of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) for smartphones and tablets to better benefit from the cloud-based, multi-platform enterprise mobility management solutions. With a well thought-out EMM strategy, you can transit to the cloud seamlessly with a simple web-based administrator console which will allow you to control users and devices in real time. The console enables you to activate and deploy security settings, devices, and other IT configurations.


2. Get you solution off the ground

It doesn't matter whether you have a full-fledged IT department or a dedicated mobility management department, the cloud-based solution can be fully implemented without IT expertise. You can look for a temporary provider to give you  answers to some critical questions that you may be asking yourself before you migrate your data to the cloud. You only need to assign your cloud service to an administrator to oversee the management of the whole system once it is at an advanced level. A web-based management console only requires online registration to gain access to admin privileges and controls. The web-based console allows you to log in from anywhere which keeps the business operations running seamlessly.


3. Stay in the cloud

Once your organisation has moved to the cloud, your employees can start enjoying numerous benefits such as instant access to organisational information. One of the significant benefits of using the cloud service is that it eliminates the costs of purchasing servers.

Before you migrate to the cloud, be sure to consider how robust your organisation is, and the ability of your provider to scale their services to meet your business demands.