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The Decade of Enterprise Mobility
The Decade of Enterprise Mobility
Time icon12 June 2017, 15:35 pm

Nowadays you can reach into your pocket and grab one device to help make business-driven decisions while simultaneously accessing customer data or coordinating and collaborating with people around the world. Such strides have been made in less than a decade of interoperability with the proliferation of iPhones, Androids, tablets and other mobile devices. With new daily demands arising to make a wide array of corporate applications available for every level of businesses from consumer to corner office or cubicle, it is now vital to integrate them into a successful strategy. Enterprise Mobility can no longer be overlooked.


Understand the true power of Enterprise Mobility 

From the interest of email and calendar functionality into truly sustainable and transformative value for an organization as well as its people and customers, EMM will help you to be successful in this space. Beginning to develop your own sound strategies to enable mobility in the workforce comes with several benefits and a few challenges to discover what the future holds for your bottom line. 


The Benefits

  • Several studies have found increased productivity is a significant correlation of Enterprise Mobility.
  • Work from anywhere-flexibility
  • Real-time connectivity providing increased efficiency, better communication, closer collaborations and greater client value
  • Access to mobile applications
  • Raw data turned into timely, actionable information

The Challenges

  • Security
  • Context of scope
  • Research and investment in apps for core business processes
  • Promotion of mobility apps instead of leaving discovery to chance


The Bottom Line

Encouraging enterprise mobility and embracing such a switch in the workplace when people have become accustomed to current ways of performing tasks is well worth the effort. By investing the time and energy you can reap the benefits sure to be the lifeblood of your business as it marches into the decade to come.