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4 Tips for a Successful B2B Mobile Marketing
4 Tips for a Successful B2B Mobile Marketing
Time icon21 June 2017, 11:37 am

It's no secret that many B2C companies have profited from mobile marketing. It is virtually impossible to find someone who is yet to use the Amazon app for shopping or Yelp for checking restaurant reviews. As a matter of fact, Google reports that more than 50 percent of all the searches done worldwide are carried out via mobile phones.


Does mobile marketing affect B2B companies?

Besides affecting the B2C businesses, mobile marketing also happens to have a big effect on the B2B businesses as well. A survey done by Regalix on the state of B2B Mobile Marketing 2015 reveals that B2B companies only use mobile marketing strategies in engaging their existing clients but not to expand their customer base. This means that B2B companies are yet to catch up with the technology curve that the world has accepted.


How can B2B companies catch up with the technology curve?

1. Focus on creating a more mobile-friendly website

This is an innovative and compelling way to not only compete with big brands but also to track client journeys so as to be able to offer better experiences to the users.

2. Automate your marketing

Marketing automation helps offer a more personalized experience to customers while saving both time and money.

3. Make use of SMS and Email to reach out to customers

According to a study done by Google in partnership with Millward Brown Digital, 43 percent of researchers use their mobile devices during the buying process, whereas 49 percent of B2B researchers use their mobile devices whenever they are researching even while at work.

4. Building intuitive mobile apps

Since mobile phones have become a quintessential part of everyone's life, developing mobile apps can improve B2B businesses brand awareness and draw attention to their value proposition.

It is vital for companies to ensure that they offer customers things that appeal to them by capitalizing on the use of mobile phones and investing in mobile marketing campaigns.