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Augmented or Virtual - What's your reality?
Augmented or Virtual - What's your reality?
Time icon26 October 2016, 10:33 am

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are on everyone's lips at the moment. If you're reading this, you most likely have a general understanding of the two. You understand that Augmented Reality is information or content projected through a lens onto our real world while Virtual Reality has us fully immersed into a non-existent, fully-simulated world. At the moment, we're seeing these technologies being coupled with games, but have you thought about it beyond simple entertainment? Here are two big examples that should help you differentiate between the two as well as give you ideas on future possible projects.

How could the BBC create the next generation of documentaries?

Virtual Reality
The documentary takes place in a fictional or fully recreated environment. The user wears a helmet and moves in the environment through a controller or motion sensors.

Augmented Reality
The user must be in the correct geographical location such as a national park, a botanical garden or even an empty field. There, as he walks in those real environments, animations and information may appear as users point their mobile around or look through augmented reality glasses.

How can we make education better? How can we bring it to those who need it the most?

Virtual Reality
The user is immersed in a virtual classroom and controls a virtual avatar. Other pupils and teachers can communicate via voice chat.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality needs a more hands-on approach; for instance, a group of students could walk through a museum and learn more about certain pieces of art if they look at it through their mobiles.

These examples are but the beginning of a revolution. Both augmented reality and virtual reality can and will also be used for medical treatment, therapy, training and planning.
We have technology that has never been used before and it's up to us to imagine the doors that it will open.