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All about Samsung Gear S3
All about Samsung Gear S3
Time icon11 October 2016, 13:11 pm

Samsung has always shown that it is not yet done with the wearable world. It made a huge impact with its Samsung Gear S2, but has made a great comeback with Gear S3 to show its competitors Apple Watch and Android Wear that the big boy is still relevant to the millenials.

In fact, Samsung introduced two models of Gear S3: Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – which are quite identical with slight tweaks. Both models are expected to be released towards the end of September, but regarding their prices Gear S3 duo may do great staying at its price at $299. It would be great if the prices may stay low, but that may not be on the table.

Similar to the Gear S2, Samsung Gear S3 came in two models; and if a similar pattern is to be followed, then standard model may cost $50 lower than the Classic. However, Classic and Frontier may end up costing the same. In fact, Mobile Fun in the UK has placed a £350 to both models, though the price is subject to change.


Design and performance of Samsung Gear S3

Samsung has claimed to have studied the wearable world for quite some time – both the classic and smart variety – to come up with the ultimate models, the Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic.

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has a GPS and an in-built LTE mobile network connectivity that keeps the watch carrying out its functions as a smartwatch even when it is not connected to a smartphone. The Gear S3 Frontier also consists of an SOS mode enabling owners to notify families and friends of an attack or emergency when they do not have they smartphones.

The Gear S3 watches have quite a long battery life compared to other Android watches. These watches have four days to use between charging. The ability to pick phone calls, the barometric altimeter, and the GPS are some of the big additional to the new duos.

Finally, the two watches are dust- and IP68 water-resistant, and can survive under water for as long as a half an hour just similar to the S7 pair.