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What you should know about Samsung Galaxy S8
What you should know about Samsung Galaxy S8
Time icon30 September 2016, 9:16 am

After the recently halted sales of Samsung Galaxy 7, a new version is to be released by 2017. This was in response to consumer reports of the smartphone’s battery melting or even bursting into flames. Although users were somewhat disappointed with Galaxy 7, Samsung still managed to get things in motion by promising to make the next smartphone faultless.

The Galaxy S8 will be likely to have top-notch specifications. The 5.1-inch panel, for example, is one of the features that Samsung has won over other smartphones such as iPhone SE. While the screen size still hasn’t been confirmed, we would expect to see the 5.5-inch screen with S8. It is also worth noting that the processor will be just as powerful as its previous version. 

Another key question is whether this new version will be available with dual-edge display just like its previous model. According to a senior executive at Samsung, the future smartphones from this company may not have flat screens, but they will be available in a small and big version. 

With regards to a processor, the most likely scenario is that the S8 smartphone will use two chips (Qualcomm and Samsung) just like its previous models. However, the capacity of these chips will remain to be seen next year. 

Although there are lots of great smartphone on the market right now, including Galaxy Note 7 and S7, it is still worth waiting for the next Samsung Galaxy S8. If you are looking to upgrade your phone soon, you will find a good deal from Samsung. By the time the next handset is released on the market, there will definitely be plenty more phones available, so it pays to spend a little time researching all the specific features of the phones before buying the right one for your needs.