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The Samsung Galaxy Note S7
The Samsung Galaxy Note S7
Time icon26 August 2016, 2:01 am

The Samsung Galaxy Note S7 might be the most technologically advanced piece of handheld hardware ever produced. Samsung have really pushed the bounds of what a phone can do and, in doing so, left Apple in the dust. It's hard to believe for anyone who was around for the launch of the original iPhone that this would be a market that could ever see Apple dominated. With the Galaxy Note S7, that's the world we're living in.


The Specs

Working from the outside in, the Galaxy Note S7 sports a rugged Corning Gorilla Glass body, both front and back, with a stunning, 5.7inch, AMOLED capacitive touch screen. Inside it runs Android v6.0.1, otherwise known as Marshmallow, and there is a planned upgrade to Nougat in the near future. The CPU is an Octo-core, 4x2.3Ghz Mongoose processor. The Galaxy Note S7 also has a dedicated GPU giving it some extra oomph. On top of all of that, you have a 12mp camera capable of capturing ultraHD, HDR and dual video as well as a front facing camera of a not insignifcant, 5mp. Added extras this time around include, a retina scanner to compliment the fingerprint scanner and the usual array of barometers, compasses, heart rate monitors et al.


The Bottom Line

There's really not much to say once you've taken in those specs. This truly is a hell of a phone. We can't think of a feature or function that's been left off this time and when you put it up against the Apple iPhone 7, there's no comparison. On top of all that, Samsung maintain a strong arm over the production of parts so there's no chance of the customary drop in quality that Apple are becoming infamous for.