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 Everykey for every device.
Everykey for every device.
Time icon 9 October 2015, 9:00 am

Originally an inventive Kickstarter project, Everykey is the latest in access control solutions for both personal and business use. The technology consists of a small band worn around the wrist which connects to your devices via Bluetooth. With Everykey, you can unlock your phone, tablet, computer, and more, just by being in proximity to the gadget. There's no need to worry about the security risks of losing your Everykey, however, since you can use the convenient remote deactivation tool to render the device useless and to put your mind at rest. False alarm? It isn't the end of the world if you've deactivated your device, only to find it in a nook or cranny of your home; you can reactivate Everykey any time in the same simple and secure way you deactivated it.

Many current business, universities, and even some websites require users to come up with 'secure' passwords consisting of a jumble of numbers, letters, and special characters. Some even insist that you avoid including your name or words from the dictionary, and change the password at regular intervals. While this is generally for good reason, i.e. to blunt the power of brute force password cracking, users grow tired of constantly changing passwords, and to phrases which are in no way memorable. Everykey has the solution to this problem, however; the device can generate secure passwords for you the next time you need to sign into a website or online account, and will even store these passwords internally to prevent you having to memorise them.

Perfect for domestic users with a number of accounts, or for system administrators who need quick and easy access to a multitude of different device types and services, Everykey is set to make your life online much safer and simpler. The owners plan to expand the technology into the smart home market, meaning that soon your Everykey could be keeping you secure in your home and your car as well. Why not check it out?