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Creating A Mobile Office – Easy!
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There are many tools at the modern business' disposal which can facilitate the opening and smooth operation of a 'mobile office'. And for good reason. Rising accommodation and staffing costs, along with the need to travel further for work, mean people are opting instead for the benefits of a fully fledged office and staff, but with only a shell of the facilities previously needed. 


The Office Itself – A Good Start 

There are now many companies out there catering specifically to mobile clients. Instead of a full time office, it's now possible to...

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The Adverse Effects Of Rowhammer On Smartphones
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Rowhammer is a hacking procedure that manipulates the user information in electronic devices. It was first realized by researchers four years ago when they began ascertaining the working mechanism of this harmful software. It alters the security system in the computer by influencing the electric charge in the storage system to steal and corrupt the information stored in the device. Efforts to fix this issue, however, bear no fruits since the exploitation happens on the hardware of the device and not the software.


The Working Mechanism of the Rowhammer

Recently, the researchers...

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Downsides of Wireless Charging Systems?
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Wireless charging technology has been around since the late years of the 20th century. Big names in the portable devices industry have adopted this technology. The latest ones are Apple and Samsung in their most recent flagship projects.


What is wireless charging and how does it work? 

It involves electromagnetic fields that transfer energy from the charger to receivers that convert it into electricity to charge the battery. The devices have inbuilt receiver systems or external case receivers. The device charges at proximity and appropriate aligning on the charger, without cable...

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Necessary Equipment for Your Employees' Home Office
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At times one has to carry work home. Those telecommuters are a valuable resource for companies, and they should be well supported in their work. Having a comfortable remote office is necessary to ensure they experience the same working environment like that of a conventional office. There is need to invest sufficiently in the essential office equipment. 



A computer is an irreplaceable item for any office. A desktop is ideal for fixed workstations where monitors can be installed for those working on several projects. Nevertheless, a laptop is always preferred....

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Why You May Be Using an Android Smartphone that Lacks Security Patches
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Research from different research laboratories indicates the existence of a patch gap regarding various Android vendor devices. Google admits that it's difficult for it to deploy security patches for Android mobile phones due to numerous smartphone manufacturers that use the operating system. Although its open source approach offers many advantages, it doesn't mean that it's the responsibility of the different manufacturers to issue software updates for the OS.

The truth is that most of these manufacturers aren't honest when they say that they have patched all phone...

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Practical Advise
Key Metrics: Is Your App Doing Well?
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Mobile apps present a unique opportunity for businesses and brands to achieve specific goalsand to diversify their business model. Please do take note of this important aspect of mobile apps as it is helping you attain specific business goals. What are the goals for your business? What are you aiming at, now that you have a mobile application? Clarity on expectations for your mobile app will make it easier to not only measure performance but to also achieve success with your app.

Once you have certain clear goals and have built an app to help you achieve them, how will you tell if your app...

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Practical Advice
Protect Your Mobile Workers against Common Cyber Threats
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The increasing use of smartphones and the advanced capabilities that these devices come with have improved how companies conduct their businesses. BYOD has become popular among enterprises, and that has brought about more security issues to worry about. Having employees use personal smartphones or tablets for business exposes an organisation to various risks that it must guard against.

With the 2018 Mobile Security Report predicting that 2020 will see the rate of mobile workers grow to 1.75 billion, it is necessary for companies to develop and execute solid mobile security strategies. ...

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Cost of developing an App
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There is no denying the significant importance that mobile phones play in our lives. Innovations in technology have resulted in the development of apps that  enhance the way we experience computing. Their usage is evident in almost all sectors, which range from medical, social media, education, and banking among others. Given that apps differ in complexity and what they can do, there is no magic formula when it comes to cost calculation when you want to develop one. However, there are some factors you can consider to come up with a rough estimate:


What the App will be used...

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Protecting Sensitive Data: Understanding GDPR Compliance
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Data protection has always been a concern within the modern workplace. This variable is soon to take centre stage with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protocol. Set to be released in May, this act seeks to minimise the chances that potentially sensitive information stored on portable devices may become compromised. What are the main concerns and how can organisations comply with these new regulations?


The "BYOD" Risk

The concept of "bring your own device" has existed for some time and as a growing number of workers are now...

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The Concept of New Work
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New Work, a concept developed by Frithjof Bergmann, an Austro-American social philosopher, analyses the need for liberty in the current system of work. The concept seeks to transform the conventional wage labour system into New Work. For this concept to be realised, the approach is categorised into three distinct ideas. 


Passion for Work

According to Frithjof, many people have been working on daily tasks that are repetitive and boring. The idea of removing monotonous can be eliminated through automation. Machines take repetitive and boring work, while the human beings can focus...

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