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How to stay ahead with local SEO

SEO marketing has been a popular advertising tool for all sorts of businesses ranging from national, big-companies and even small companies over the last few years. Those who have tried it, know that this marketing strategy is constantly changing. For small businesses especially, competing with the big businesses can be a headache. However, many small businesses are leaning towards utilising the concept of local SEO as a means of reducing competition to their geographic locations. When it comes to local SEO, businesses need to be more specific and strong about their marketing strategies to...

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Practical Advise
Implementing a Successful Mobile Workplace

As businesses move into the digital world, the use of mobile applications has significantly intensified. Both startups and existing companies are approaching mobile workplace to provide employees with an easy engagement while conducting their businesses. There are core elements that business owners need to consider to have a well-crafted mobility. 



The first step towards a mobile workplace success is to set a roadmap which will be taken by an organisation towards realising its goal. The process involves the approach which will be taken toward establishing a digitally...

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Practical Advice
How to work remotely from home with success

Working remotely from home is becoming more common nowadays. The advent of cloud computing means that many workers can avoid travelling long distances, beating the traffic or even wasting time and focus more on delivering what is needed – at the comfort of their homes. While this has many advantages such as freedom and flexibility, the line between home life and professional life may be blurred, with some workers coming to realize it is more of a curse than a blessing. However, here are a few ways to ensure you work successfully from home.


1. Stick to a schedule

You should...

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Which Social Media Platform Is Best In Business Promotion?

Social Media is now more important than ever and the power social media platforms have in regards to advertising and marketing is strong. The biggest advantage social media advertising has over other forms of promotion is the ability for businesses to target their exact audience with a few simple steps. Knowing how to utilise different social media platforms can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to online advertising. 


A Breakdown Of The Best Platforms


Facebook is a good platform for interaction between consumers and businesses. Their...

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Practical Advice
How businesses can improve password security

Password security holds great importance for all types of businesses. If cyber hackers steal a company’s passwords, they may be able to gain access to confidential data or use customers’ details for illegal purposes. To improve your company’s password security, read the following tips:


1. Set up strict policies for changing passwords regularly

Passwords should be changed at least once every three months or after a defined amount of time. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to enforce a policy to guide your staff. This is especially important when an...

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4 Actions to Start Mobile Recruiting

The evolution of mobile recruiting is being experienced fast in the recruitment industry and human resources managers have geared up to ensure that they land the best candidates through these platforms. There are, however, various challenges that can make the recruiting team miss out on the best potential employees. Therefore, they need to check on various factors when posting a job advert:


1. Create A Mobile Friendly Job Search

More than three out of five job seekers who visit a company’s site via their mobile phones visit the career page for any job openings. This...

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Latest data techniques analyse voting

The use of big data technology and web robots (or bots) within social media is becoming increasingly common. Here, we look at how these powerful tools that were used together during the 2017 general election campaign in UK to analyse and influence voters.

Social background

Only a decade or two ago, election and referendum predictions employed face-to-face and telephone polls in which respondents' preference for a certain television channel or newspaper was used to guess social status and level of education. These days, predictions from numerous sources are progressively...

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Multi-cloud as a gateway to digital transformation

As technology drives change in business at a very fast rate, the demands of end users keep on rising. Organizations are thus faced with challenges in adapting to these digital demands while operating in real time to safeguard their data at minimal operational costs. Cloud innovation is thus a critical digital transformation agent for enterprises that want to run better and grow faster. Setting up this model has its risks and crucial choices have to be adhered to lest all its benefits are wiped out. 


Developing the multi cloud architecture

Putting a robust IT infrastructure in...

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European brands should harness mobile platforms more readily

More and more consumers are using their mobiles to communicate, work, play, and simply live. At the same time, desktop usage has steadily decreased for many purposes, such as sending and reading emails, catching up on social media, and particularly getting directions. This is not indicated by just one study, but many: Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) Analytics states that desktop usage is decreasing throughout most of Europe, while Google has stated that more searches are now made on mobiles than desktops in ten countries, including several in Europe.

Consumption on one website is...

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Pros and Cons of BYOD to the Company and Employees

Technology companies are weighing between employees using corporate devices or capitalising on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at the work station. These two ideas have their own merits to the company and the workers, although most companies may try to put their interests before those of their employees. BYOD may work best for some firms while it may not favour the production in others, depending on the nature of the enterprise.


Pros of BYOD

Adopting BYOD in a company is a great ingredient in motivating the employees by providing them with a platform where they can work from...

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