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HoloLens: What You Need to Know About the Top End of AR
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The AR field, after something of a shaky start, is starting to fill up nicely. Google Glass 2.0 is on the horizon, Meta Glasses are moving on to their second iteration and Microsoft HoloLens is stepping up the plate to offer a high end, consumer focused device that should be equally at home with work as it is with play.


What It Offers

Microsoft surprised the tech community with it's first demonstration of the HoloLens at a Windows 10 event back at the start of 2015. Their holographic outting into the world of AR was demonstrated to have multiple functions, ranging from design...

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The Samsung Gear 360: Top to the Bottom
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VR and 360 capture have been the hot topics of the last two years and Samsung is throwing something new onto the floor in the shape of the Samsung Gear 360. Much like the LG 360 Cam, it's a hand held unit that allows users to create 360 photographs and videos that you can stream directly to your Samsung Gear VR headset. It's a portable alternative more in the vein of a GoPro than heavy duty professional 360 capable cameras and looks to be aimed more at the casual end of the market.

The Specs

The Gear 360 is an adorable little camera that comes equipped with a pair of 180 degree...

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Augmented Reality strikes back: Google Glass 2.0
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It's fair to say that the original Google Glass project was something of a damp squib. After an initially successful backing by a large chunk of the tech-minded populace, Google saw less than impressive sales and dumped the project largely unfinished. As with all true innovations though it refused to die a death and the project was passed on to Tony Fandell, the man who helped innovate the iPod and iPhone.

The News So Far

After the misfire on their first attempt at AR Headsets, Google renamed their wearable division to Project Aura and put the ever capable Tony Fandell in charge. From...

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What to expect from Apple Watch 2
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For both Apple addicts and smart watch aficionados, the build up to the Apple Watch 2 is creating some serious buzz. While there is still a dearth of concrete information about Apple's latest wearable tech, there's some juicy rumours circulating and some interesting potential specs. Seeings as the original Apple Watch outsold both the iPod and the iPhone in it's initial release, we can be sure that Apple has something interesting lined up for Mark II.

What We Know

Concrete facts are hard to come by but we can be sure that the Apple Watch 2 will be sporting fully integrated call...

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World's Feistiest New Gaming Ultrabook
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Razer's direction with the new Blade Stealth, the company's first Ultrabook, is its compactness at 12.5 inches that you can take the laptop anywhere without a problem. 
It comes as no surprise when you need a machine that has a high capability of gaming performance, that the Blade Stealth can connect to a desktop graphics card. 

The Blade Stealth is truely amazing piece of technology with a great screen, fast processor, and excellent keyboard. Though it has its shortcomings when it comes to battery life, the machine can't keep up with some of the others on the market,...

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The Samsung Notebook 9: Lightweight Form and Function
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Offering users a slim and extremely lightweight design, the new Notebook 9 by Samsung has been able to combine functionality with a notably sleek edge. Although a price tag of approximately $1,200 dollars (at the time of this article) could be slightly steep from the perspective of some consumers, little is left to the imagination in regards to style and overall performance.

Physical Characteristics

Users will first note that this laptop weighs a mere 1.22 kilogrammes (2.8 pounds). For the sake of comparison, the Dell XPS weighs in at just under 2 kilogrammes while the latest Asus model...

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The Android Update Conundrum
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The so-called 'N' update, Google's latest Android software release, could take a while to arrive with users if past performance is the guide. Smartphone makers and wireless carriers are largely to blame for the delay, risking user security and depriving them of the latest technologies. 

Because Androids are flexible, custom apps ('bloatware') can be created but manufacturers and carriers have a duty to preserve essential features such as calls, security and data, so have to use intensive testing to ensure these work. This means that operating system updates are...

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Athos: Wearable Technology for Fitness
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The company Athos is at the forefront of smart wearable outfits. The company provides smart workout apparel which can measure the performances of your muscles during an exercise. The company offers an assortment of smart workout clothes that come in three pieces including shorts, shirts, and Capri style pants. Dhananja Jayalath is the CEO and founder of Athos. The Athos smart workout shorts, shirts, and pants are tight fitting sensor-filled apparel that can detect breathing rate, heart rate, and muscle activity by making use of EMG sensors. 

How does it work?
The workout apparel comes...

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Google's handy new Spaces app takes social sharing to a new high
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Google has just introduced a new app called Spaces, which is a sharing tool for small groups of users. Spaces allows users to share content on any topic they choose and comment on it with group messages. Luke Wroblewski, the Product Director of Spaces, announced in a blog that Spaces users can stay within the app and search for articles, images and videos then share them with their chosen contacts. This is easily achieved because Google Chrome, Google Search and YouTube are all integrated into Spaces. He went on to say that users can tap the app to create a space, find their chosen topic,...

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Aircall, a Useful Alternative to Skype and Great for Business Customers
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Aircall provides a variety of apps to enable customer-focussed teams and mobile support teams to handle phone calls with ease. It's a relatively new phone business, originating in France in 2015 and expanding rapidly through 2016 startup funding. This ground breaking "Plug and Play" system doesn't need any hardware and is easy to integrate into existing Helpdesk or CRM systems, such as ZenDesk, Helpscout or Salesforce.

Business users will find it's an easy matter to obtain local phone numbers in different overseas countries, making it a simple matter for customer to...

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