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Google Set to Launch Google Daydream View
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Google joked about its Daydream Virtual Reality goals earlier this year in one of its I/O meeting, however, everything is now unraveling every minute – we have set eyes on the virtual reality software and hardware and more is expected from Google.

The enviable search engine came on October 5, 2016 announced the Daydream View headset while in a press conference held in San Francisco. The Daydream View depends on your phone to drive the virtual reality experience, therefore, with any phone that can run the Daydream app, you will need to have the headset. Pixel XL and Pixel are among the...

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All about Samsung Gear S3
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Samsung has always shown that it is not yet done with the wearable world. It made a huge impact with its Samsung Gear S2, but has made a great comeback with Gear S3 to show its competitors Apple Watch and Android Wear that the big boy is still relevant to the millenials.

In fact, Samsung introduced two models of Gear S3: Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – which are quite identical with slight tweaks. Both models are expected to be released towards the end of September, but regarding their prices Gear S3 duo may do great staying at its price at $299. It would...

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What you should know about Samsung Galaxy S8
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After the recently halted sales of Samsung Galaxy 7, a new version is to be released by 2017. This was in response to consumer reports of the smartphone’s battery melting or even bursting into flames. Although users were somewhat disappointed with Galaxy 7, Samsung still managed to get things in motion by promising to make the next smartphone faultless.

The Galaxy S8 will be likely to have top-notch specifications. The 5.1-inch panel, for example, is one of the features that Samsung has won over other smartphones such as iPhone SE. While the screen size still hasn’t been...

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iPhone 7 set to compete with dedicated cameras
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With the announcement of its upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has changed its approach to cameras in its long-running line of smartphones – starting with "user-friendliness" and going beyond.

Image stabilization, which previously was a feature in Plus models of the iPhone, has now been added to the IPhone 7 itself. This helps prevent image blur from shaking hands or camera movement. The iPhone 7's lens has also seen some moderate improvements: with a wider aperture, the camera is set to be able to take better-lit photos in low-light conditions.

The greatest...

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Self-driving cars and artificial intelligence platform
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The Chinese Web service company Baidu and the American technology company Nvidia have announced a partnership that focuses on using AI (artificial intelligence) to create a cloud-based computing platform designed for self-driving vehicles. With a combination of mapping technology and cloud platform, a 3-dimensional map in the cloud will be created.

The platform will be used by Baidu on self-driving cab services in China, but it may also be adopted by other firms. The goal of this partnership between Baidu and Nvidia is to encourage other major car manufacturers to deploy their own...

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Meizu U10 and U20 Handsets Officially Released

On 24th August, 2016, Meizu announced the upcoming release of its latest handsets, the Meizu U10 and U20. The phones are released as a part of the Blue Charm series from the company and come with a metal frame and glass on either side. The Meiza U10 is built with a 5-inch display and runs on an octa-core processor. There are two versions of the U10, one with 2GB of RAM and the other comes with 16 GB RAM. 

The Meiza U20 comes with 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. The back camera offers users 13MP while the front camera features 5MP. Meizu has also offered a reliable battery that...

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The Samsung Galaxy Note S7
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The Samsung Galaxy Note S7 might be the most technologically advanced piece of handheld hardware ever produced. Samsung have really pushed the bounds of what a phone can do and, in doing so, left Apple in the dust. It's hard to believe for anyone who was around for the launch of the original iPhone that this would be a market that could ever see Apple dominated. With the Galaxy Note S7, that's the world we're living in.


The Specs

Working from the outside in, the Galaxy Note S7 sports a rugged Corning Gorilla Glass body, both front and back, with a stunning, 5.7inch,...

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Starry WiFi Solutions: Taking the Guesswork Out of Wireless Connections
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A new device known simply as Starry takes a novel approach to a common problem associated with wireless Internet connections. Up until now, routers have generally been quite complicated to use and even more difficult to interpret in the event that a problem is encountered. Starry has developed a user-centred approach and their unit offers some interesting features. How does this device function, what are a handful of its primary attributes and what can be considered its primary benefits?

Visual Aids

The most striking aspect of the Starry wireless router is its central user interface....

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The Emergence of Curved Screen Displays.

Right from the onset, one notices that the LG G Flex is unlike any other mobile phones that have come before it. Made with a 6 inch slightly curved display, the LG G Flex has a striking ambitious profile. It’s the opinion of a number of people that the curved construction is a pointless gimmick; nonetheless this is a welcomed resurgence in mobile phone design, unique and useful. The phone’s curved design is not a party trick as many may be quick to dismiss. The phone has a more comfortable feel because of it; it improves the user’s media quality of experience while making...

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Flex your Phone with Samsung

The future for phones is flexible - so says the rumours coming from the Samsung ideal mill and online tips from those in the know. 

Samsung have released a number of concept videos showing foldable devices that convert from phones to tablets to laptops with minimal origami involved. This could seen rather like a mixmash of the current 2 in 1 convertible devices blended with the 'phablet' (the telecom industry's favourite term for a phone with a screen that is so big it becomes usable as a tablet). However these new conceptual devices are shown as being a little more...

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