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World's Feistiest New Gaming Ultrabook
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Razer's direction with the new Blade Stealth, the company's first Ultrabook, is its compactness at 12.5 inches that you can take the laptop anywhere without a problem. 
It comes as no surprise when you need a machine that has a high capability of gaming performance, that the Blade Stealth can connect to a desktop graphics card. 

The Blade Stealth is truely amazing piece of technology with a great screen, fast processor, and excellent keyboard. Though it has its shortcomings when it comes to battery life, the machine can't keep up with some of the others on the market,...

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The Samsung Notebook 9: Lightweight Form and Function
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Offering users a slim and extremely lightweight design, the new Notebook 9 by Samsung has been able to combine functionality with a notably sleek edge. Although a price tag of approximately $1,200 dollars (at the time of this article) could be slightly steep from the perspective of some consumers, little is left to the imagination in regards to style and overall performance.

Physical Characteristics

Users will first note that this laptop weighs a mere 1.22 kilogrammes (2.8 pounds). For the sake of comparison, the Dell XPS weighs in at just under 2 kilogrammes while the latest Asus model...

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The Android Update Conundrum
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The so-called 'N' update, Google's latest Android software release, could take a while to arrive with users if past performance is the guide. Smartphone makers and wireless carriers are largely to blame for the delay, risking user security and depriving them of the latest technologies. 

Because Androids are flexible, custom apps ('bloatware') can be created but manufacturers and carriers have a duty to preserve essential features such as calls, security and data, so have to use intensive testing to ensure these work. This means that operating system updates are...

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Athos: Wearable Technology for Fitness
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The company Athos is at the forefront of smart wearable outfits. The company provides smart workout apparel which can measure the performances of your muscles during an exercise. The company offers an assortment of smart workout clothes that come in three pieces including shorts, shirts, and Capri style pants. Dhananja Jayalath is the CEO and founder of Athos. The Athos smart workout shorts, shirts, and pants are tight fitting sensor-filled apparel that can detect breathing rate, heart rate, and muscle activity by making use of EMG sensors. 

How does it work?
The workout apparel comes...

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Google's handy new Spaces app takes social sharing to a new high
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Google has just introduced a new app called Spaces, which is a sharing tool for small groups of users. Spaces allows users to share content on any topic they choose and comment on it with group messages. Luke Wroblewski, the Product Director of Spaces, announced in a blog that Spaces users can stay within the app and search for articles, images and videos then share them with their chosen contacts. This is easily achieved because Google Chrome, Google Search and YouTube are all integrated into Spaces. He went on to say that users can tap the app to create a space, find their chosen topic,...

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Aircall, a Useful Alternative to Skype and Great for Business Customers
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Aircall provides a variety of apps to enable customer-focussed teams and mobile support teams to handle phone calls with ease. It's a relatively new phone business, originating in France in 2015 and expanding rapidly through 2016 startup funding. This ground breaking "Plug and Play" system doesn't need any hardware and is easy to integrate into existing Helpdesk or CRM systems, such as ZenDesk, Helpscout or Salesforce.

Business users will find it's an easy matter to obtain local phone numbers in different overseas countries, making it a simple matter for customer to...

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Google Launches New Plans With the Open Stack Hybrid

OpenStack, a Google’s cloud computing platform has released yet another universal update of its code, which is a vital aspect that has deepened the relationship between the platform and Google’s public cloud. Google confirmed that the release of OpenStack will serve as a backup option for OpenStack Cinder in the public cloud. While this is not large software, it serves a significant role that will make the platform better. 

Save everything easily

The Google’s OpenStack block backup layer works with drivers to communicate to various storage providers. The system also...

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Mobile Security - A priority in the modern age

Whilst improving mobile security it is an IT department’s job to improve efficiency at the same time. It is not enough to simply build walls around an enterprise when so many companies are heavily reliant on the internet and outside collaboration. 

Mobile Security Should Not Hinder Business Processes
It is possible to use mobile devices to engage with new and existing customers using an efficient and flexible approach. Businesses both cannot afford to hinder this process with restrictive mobile security, or risk allowing mobile technology and mobility to provide chinks in their...

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Rocketbook: Where Digital Meets Traditional
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Combining the new and the old, the Rocketbook is a digital writing platform that lets you scan your hand-written notes and designs to the cloud. Many of us still like to jot ideas and thoughts down on paper. It may not seem the most convenient form in a digital age, yet we enjoy the process and are reluctant to let it go. With the Rocketbook, created by Joe Lemay, all your notebook entries can be quickly sent to a pre-assigned location on the cloud. From there, rather then filling up more pages and more notebooks, the Rocketbook can safely go in to the microwave to erase the pages for you...

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The flexible smart watch, a new era of wearable electronics?
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The Wove Band, a cutting-edge flexible smart watch from Polyera, is a beautifully engineered piece of kit. The generation of smart watches currently on the market are bulky, with small screens and often unwieldy backplates to house their plethora of required components. The watches break frequently, with an ever-accumulating list of horror stories of users paying hundreds of pounds for the latest smart watch, only for it to crack off a concrete floor just weeks after the hefty purchase. Not only is the Wove Band streamlined and comfortable to wear, it would not look amiss on any desk when...

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